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I host a weekly podcast interview show Paradigm Shifters that features the extraordinary individuals amongst us who usher in the new concepts that inspire changes in our lives and emerging worlds.

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A complete list of all podcast episodes is posted below. Enjoy!

Paradigm Shifters presents Nandhiji part 2, a Guru for the Now
Paradigm Shifters presents Sharry Edwards speaking on Voice Analysis
Paradigm Shifters presents Nandhiji, a Guru for the Now
Paradigm Shifters Presents Keith Code and issues with Kids brains on drugs
Paradigm Shifters presents Curry Glassell and Un-limiting Ourselves
Paradigm Shifters presents Sharon Lynn Wyeth – What’s in a name?
Paradigm Shifters Presents Stewart Pearce and the Voices of Angels
Paradigm Shifters Presents Dr Cass Ingram and Natures Powerful Remidies
Paradigm Shifters brings in the New Year with Galexis
Paradigm Shifters presents Rennie Davis – a true revolutionary
Paradigm Shifters presents Kirsten Liegmann and Consciousness in Business
Paradigm Shifters presents Aaravindah and his Insight
Paradigm Shifters presents Steve Bhaerman and Swami Beyondananda
Paradigm Shifters and Paradigm Presents Penney Peirce
Paradigm Shifters Brings You Rico Racosky and 2 Choices
Paradigm Shifters Brings You Linda Schurmann and Some Political Clarity
Paradigm Shifters brings you Brain Balancing with Lee Gerdes
Paradigm Shifters brings you Randy Masters and Higher Resonance
Paradigm Shifters brings you Rachel Van Dessel and Phowa (Tibetan Dying )
Paradigm Shifters Brings You Peter Matthies and the Conscious Business Institute
Paradigm Shifters Brings You Gary Keil and Empowering Human Potentials
Paradigm Shifters brings you Elana Golden and her work supporting creative expression in war torn locations
Paradigm Shifters brings you Jim Ehmke discussing vaccines and more
Paradigm Shifters brings you Lord Ashtar and Terrie Symons
Paradigm Shifters presents Glalexis
Paradigm Shifters brings you Spiritual Telepathy with Colleen Mauro
Paradigm Shifters has Conscious Conversations with Joan Newcomb and Janet Barrett
Paradigm Shifters brings you Veronica Entwistle and her Near Life Experiences
Paradigm Shifters brings you the Martins and Spiritual Tuning of Ones Ego
Paradigm Shifters brings you Shari Brown and her Seven Commandments for Happiness and Prosperity
Paradigm Shifters brings you Linda Schurman and her predictions
Paradigm Shifters brings Grief Relief with Russell Friedman
Paradigm Shifters brings you Robert Weber who explores The Spirituality of Age
Paradigm Shifters Pesents Ms. Donna Eden
Paradigm Shifters and Brad Warner explore the deeper meanings of “Don’t Be A Jerk”
Paradigm Shifters presents Nadia McCaffrey and her groundbreaking support for recovering Veterans
Paradigm Shifters brings you Brian David Anderson and Tri-Vortex Energy
Paradigm Shifters Presents Darryl Bosshardt… Brush your teeth with Clay???
Paradigm Shiftiers brings you life from both sides now with Mas Sajady
Paradigm Shifters Presents: Nutrition as Medicine with Jim Ehmke
Paradigm Shifters Presents a Tribute to Sai Baba by a Student Jack Hawley
Paradigm Shifters presents ALX Utterman of UCBK
Paradigm Shifters brings you a Warrior truly on a Spiritual Odyssey… Bill McDonald
Paradigm Shifters: 4 Tips to a Better You
Paradigm Shifters Explores Frindship with Carol Olivia
Paradigm Shifters presents ME, Veronica Entwistle
Paradigm Shifters presents Maureen McGill and Message from Deceased Heroes “Baby, It’s You!”
Paradigm Shifting with Meraki, The Science of Creation Consciousness with David Ison
Paradigm Shifting with Brian David Anderson and His Subtle Energy Tools
Paradigm Shifting Bernie Siegel Brings us Animals as our Healers and Guides
Paradigm Shifting through Goddess Spirituality with Karen Tate
Paradigm Shifters presents a big paradigm shift! DEATHING
Paradigm Shifters presents one of our favourite guests! Linda Schurman
Paradigm Shifters presents Michael Murphy as Dr. Radiokinesis
Paradigm Shifters presents Jaylee and Paul Balch
Paradigm Shifters: Star Seeding with Lavandar
Paradigm Shifting Through Self Discovery and Love with Erika Watson and Renee Morales
PARADiGM SHIFTERS presents Chetan Parkyn with Human Design
Paradigm Shifting Through a Mystical Journey with Robin Gregory
Paradigm Shifting Touches For Health with Matthew Thies
Paradigm Shifters presents Moments in Time with Nina C Payne
Talk about Good Good Good Good Vibrations… no it is not Brian Wilson. It’s Tryshe Dhevney of Sound Shifting!
Paradigm Shifters explores Conscious Commerce with Mayra McCullogh
Ram Das Batchelder speaks of the Paradigm that Amma, the Hugging Saint, wields
Paradigm Shifters Presents Patricia Sun
Paradigm Shifters Conscious Living, Conscious Aging with Ron Pevny
Paradigm Shifters Presents James Connor and “The Superyogi”
Paradigm Shifter Marc Allen Brings the Tantric Out of Everyone
Paradigm Shifting to Hugs With Ram Das Batchelder
Paradigm Shifting by Reconnecting with Dr. Eric Pearl
Paradigm Shifter Daniel Holeman Brings Us the Gene Keys
Paradigm Shifting the World with Dick Larson
Paradigm Shifter Amber Farman Meets Illness and Possible Death
Paradigm Shifting Through John Herlosky and Remote Viewing
Paradigm Shifters: The Awakening Visions of Daniel Holeman
Paradigm Shifters and Mayra McCullough Presents You as the Hub of Your Community
Paradigm Shifting Natural Homes with Kelly Hart
Shifting Paradigms Presents the Multi-Realm Life of Lavandar
Paradigm Shifting by Mastering Alchemy the way of Jim Self
Paradigm Shifting Legislation and the Hemp Evolution with Chris Boucher
Subject: Paradigm Shifting with Dr. Cass Ingram
PARADIGM SHIFTERS Presents ASHTAR’s Perspective On Our Progress
Paradigm Shifters Hosts Galexis’ Perspective On Our World
Paradigm Shifters presesnts Aaravindha Hamadra
Paradigm Shifters Presents Jim Ehmke Talking About Food
Paradigm Shifting Through Source Energy Medicine with Stephen Pollitt
Paradigm Shifters: Dr. Michael Cotton Guides Us To Higher Brain Living
Paradigm Shifting Tom Paladino Brings Us His Scalar, Healing and Universe Changing Energy
Paradigm Shifting Inside and Out with Jim Ehmke
Paradigm Shifting Through Bubbling Waves of Empowerment with Sid Zagri
Paradigm Shifter Ammagi – Channel of enlightened master MAFU
Paradigm Shifting for a New Future with Ti Caines
PARADIGM SHIFTERS presents Scalar Waves and Tom Paladino
Paradigm Shifters Explores Dimensions with Galexis
Paradigm Shifters Presents Duane Elgin
PARADIGM SHIFTERS presents our Soothesayer, LInda Schurmann
Paradigm Shifter Dianne Collins asks… Do You Quantum Think?
Paradigm Shifters presents Charles Eisenstein on Sacred Economics
Paradigm Shifter George Capanella Does Not Go Quietly
Paradigm Shifting Awakenings with Aliyah Marr
Paradigm Shifters presents a Tribute to Rowena Kryder
Paradigm Shifter Baptist de Pape Guides Us On Our Journies From The Heart
Paradigm Shifters presents Donna Wetterstrand with Divine Openings to your Infinite Potential
ParadigmShifters: Ashalyn Brings Us Thoth And The Emerald Tablets
Paradigm Shifter Presents ALMINE
Paradigm Shifters Honors Dr. Valerie Hunt – Subtle Energy Science’s Matriarch
Paradigm Shifters: Finding A Souls Tune with David Ison
Paradigm Shifters presents: Magic of Essential Oils with Holly Zacchino
Pariadigm Shifter: Dr. Larry Lytle Shines His Light On Healing
Galexis is Shifting Our Paradigm Again
Paradigm Shifters: Dr. Joe Vitale joins us on ho’oponopono
Paradigm Shifters visits Susan Miller Hall… Laughing at Cancern
Paradigm Shifters resonates with David Ison
Paradigm Shifters — Matthew Fox Brings Us Deep Ecumen
Paradigm Shifters — Suzanne Eders with Divine Opening
Paradigm Shiftoers: Change your world by toning with Dielle Ciesc
Paradigm Shifters explores sound healing with David Ison
Paradigm Shifters presents our favorite Essassani… meet Bashar
Paradigm Shifters presents life on fire… meet John Maisal
Paradigm Shifters: Yoga of Parenting… Is Parenting – Brian Leaf
Paradigm Shifters: The Farmers Market Doctor – Dr. Preston Maring
Paradigm Shifters: Judy Carroll – The Zetas and You
Paradigm Shifters: Be Enlightened By Barbara Hand Clow
Paradigm Shifters: A Conversation about death with Julia Assante
Paradigm Shifters: Meet Jill and Bob Ruttenberg of Ama Tierra Resort
Paradigm Shifters: An Amazing Interview with Jude Gladstone Cade
Paradigm Shifters: An Interview With Linda Rhines
Paradigm Shifters: A Sit Down With David Ison
Paradigm Shifters: A Insightful Discussion with Vivienne Harr
Paradigm Shifters: Health and Wellness Expert Jim Ehmke
Paradigm Shifters: Rachel Van Dessel Discusses Tibetan Consciousness
Paradigm Shifters: Larry Lytle and the Healing Properties of Light
Paradigm Shifters: Dave DeLuca and the Power of Personal Enlightenment
Paradigm Shifters: An Interview with nutrition guru Jim Ehmke
Paradigm Shifters: Karuna Cayton 02/11/14
Paradigm Shifters: Galexis 02/04/14
Paradigm Shifters: Dee Wallace 01/28/14
Paradigm Shifters: Christian Minson 01/21/14
Paradigm Shifters: Ruth Miller 01/14/14
Paradigm Shifters: Hazel Courteney 01/07/14
Paradigm Shifters: Helen Caldicott 12/31/13
Paradigm Shifters: Linda Rhines 12/24/13
Paradigm Shifters: Stephen Pollitt 12/17/13
Paradigm Shifters: Bernie Siegel 12/10/13
Paradigm Shifters: Deborah Stuart 12/03/13
Paradigm Shifters: Sondra Sneed 11/26/13
Paradigm Shifters: Rizwan Virk 11/19/13
Paradigm Shifters: Lani Leary 11/12/13
Paradigm Shifters: Bernie Siegel 11/05/13
Paradigm Shifters: Bill Patton 10/29/13
Paradigm Shifters: Tom Malterre 10/23/13
Paradigm Shifters: Galexis 10/15/13
Paradigm Shifters: Stephen Pollitt 10/08/13
Paradigm Shifters: Linda Schurman 10/01/13
Paradigm Shifters: Penney Peirce 09/24/13
Paradigm Shifters: Penney Peirce 09/17/13
Paradigm Shifters: Ester Nicholson 09/10/13
Paradigm Shifters: Randy Masters 09/03/13
Paradigm Shifters: Tara Taylor 08/27/13
Paradigm Shifters: Ashtar 08/20/13
Paradigm Shifters: Wayne Topping 08/13/13
Paradigm Shifters: Hyla Cass 08/06/13
Paradigm Shifters: Judith Kravitz 07/30/13
Paradigm Shifters: Steve Bhaerman 07/23/13
Paradigm Shifters: Skip Miller 07/16/13
Paradigm Shifters: Brad Warner 07/09/13
Paradigm Shifters: Emmanual Illuminadari 07/02/13
Paradigm Shifters: Eric Pearle 06/25/13
Paradigm Shifters: Joe Dispenza 06/18/13
Paradigm Shifters: Galexis 06/11/13
Paradigm Shifters: Randy Masters 06/04/13
Paradigm Shifters: John Gray 05/28/13
Paradigm Shifters: Dr. Joe Vitale 05/21/13
Paradigm Shifters: Stuart Wilde 05/14/13
Paradigm Shifters: Peter Calhoun 05/07/13
Paradigm Shifters: Ellias Lonsdale 04/30/13
Paradigm Shifters: Vladimir Turek 04/23/13
Paradigm Shifters: John Gray 04/16/13
Paradigm Shifters: Michael Clingerman 04/09/13
Paradigm Shifters: Lee Gerdes 04/02/13
Paradigm Shifters: David and Pearl Omick 03/26/13
Paradigm Shifters: Galexis 03/21/13
Paradigm Shifters: Wendelle Stevens 03/19/13
Paradigm Shifters: Randy Masters 03/12/13
Paradigm Shifters: Vladimir Turek 03/05/13
Paradigm Shifters: P.M.H. Atwater 02/26/13
Paradigm Shifters: Lesley Heiner and Lori Clark 02/19/13
Paradigm Shifters: Jack Hawley 02/12/13
Paradigm Shifters: Rachel Van Dessel – part 2 – 02/05/13
Paradigm Shifters: Rachel Van Dessel 01/29/13
Paradigm Shifters: Ragini Michaels 01/22/13
Paradigm Shifters: Tony Burroughs 01/15/13
Paradigm Shifters: Stuart Mooney 01/08/13
Paradigm Shifters: Galexis 01/01/13
Paradigm Shifters: Jayne Entwistle 12/25/12
Paradigm Shifters: Aingeal Rose O’Grady 12/18/12
Paradigm Shifters: Sheri Greenstreet 12/11/12
Paradigm Shifters: Polly Campbell 12/04/12
Paradigm Shifters: Julia Assante 11/27/12
Paradigm Shifters: Randy Masters 11/13/12