Reading List

Here is a list of books that I have found to be quite enlightening. I am sure that you will find them inspirational as well.

Milton’s Secret
by Robert Friedman and Eckardt Tolle

The main theme of Milton’s Secret is children learning about their inner light and the power and magic contained within. It emerges amongst the art and the wonderful story of a school and our hero, a little boy named Milton who begins to retreat in fear of the bully. As the story continues the vulnerability of both boys is revealed. Amongst its delightful dream and nightmares sequences, magic and ice cream, our hero learns he can build his own protection mechanisms. Milton’s Secret is a great way to teach the power of the NOW and LIGHT. My grandson and I (he’s 8 years old now) read this book often.

Wild Feminine: Finding Power, Spirit & Joy in the Female Body
by Tami Lynn Kent

OK, in my world Wild Feminine by Tami Lynn Kent is a ground breaker in my world. This book is a great read/reference tool from a dedicated physical therapist and purveyor of feminine power. In the world’s western women organs are fighting gravity, challenged by childbirth, lifting and carrying – the years cost us. These signs of feminine wear and tear start early, their 30’s. People joke about “Depends” but there are more empowering solutions. Tami, a physical therapist with several special masters degrees, runs a feisty practice. Women book several months in advance with her to be taught how to re-align their inner organs and to stave off a myriad of difficulties associated with aging.

We know lots about healing through massage but who thinks of internal vaginal and rectal massage? The relief is felt in sexual enthusiasm for sure, but also for prevention of incontinence, prolapses and so much more.

Get it into yours and your friends’ library. Young and old will be glad.

The Last Frontier: Exploring the Afterlife and Transforming Our Fear of Death
by Julia Assante

OH MY! The Last Frontier by Dr. Julia Assante is a wonderful read that went far beyond my expectations. Of course we love spirits and dimensional chats, but Dr. Assante has taken this to the next level by linking our past life relationships with the tremendous impact they have on our lives happening today. Dr. Assante is a delightful character clearly pointing out how we are all controlled by fear… including the fear of death. She declares this fear is not necessary – We can all break through!

Reading this book helped me break out of an old limitation – that I can only talk to spirits that show up. I had been taught that I couldn’t disrupt spirits from their work. Just answer the call when they show up. That is part of the great control she said. Why not just ask? – and that’s what I do now on my radio show Radiance by Design. I am so delighted to report that they come and help us unhook old attachments. The spirits feel the freedom to “shift” just as we do.

In The Last Frontier Julia’s conscious awareness is astounding and her research is so well presented. It is fascinating. I highly recommend it!

Radical Medicine: Cutting-Edge Natural Therapies That Treat the Root Causes of Disease
by Louisa L. Williams

Dr. Williams’ book Radical Medicine is a holistic tome. It is HUGE. It reminds me of the old medical books I used to love, they were always like this one, four or five inches thick and full of knowledge.

The bounty is that it includes cross references with medicine, homeopathy, lymphatics, energy medicine, spiritual blocks… what an incredible resource for your home! For example, did you know that many illnesses or aches and pains are a result of scars blocking energy flows? What can you do to release them? Dr. Williams recommends massaging shea butter into your scars. Or learn about ancient and modern potions of all kinds – nutrition, lymph drainage, myriad detox recipes, mind over…

Dr. Williams is a long term student of her inner spiritual life, medicine, naturopathy, energy work, and counseling. She is truly wise and multi-faceted and Radican Medicine is a brilliant contribution to the collective.

Through Indigo’s Eyes
by Tara Taylor and Lorna Schultz Nicholson

Through Indigo’s Eyes is a fun and fast read, meant for young adults. It is a rich fictionalized account of a blossoming intuitive trying to be a “normal” teenager in high school. The story is based on the true story of a young Canadian intuitive, Tara, who has carved a wonderful niche for herself in the world of intuition, and energy healing.

Like Indigo (the main character in the novel), I too found my journey to be a treacherous paddling hormonally amidst the white waters of dimensional challenges during the 1950’s. Indigo suffers with crazy perceptions, and learns at a young age to follow Arjuna’s quest (cf Bhagavad Gita) of being true to her inner self, her dharma, and her pursuit of fulfillment. Indigo has the grace of a Mum who knows what her gift bring to the world, and she has a grandfather that guides her from “the other side”.

I recommend Through Indigo’s Eyes for young people and even adults who may want to enjoy the inherent craziness that comes along with multi-dimensional self-discovery.

The Edge Effect: Achieve Total Health and Longevity with the Balanced Brain Advantage
by Eric R. Braverman

hat syndromes can occur if a lobe or two in your brain is weak? Well… Eric Braverman has explored brain health for many years, and in his book The Edge Effect he has the answers we seek. He sheds light on how the use of anti-depressants and other “supportive” meds are affecting the biochemical makeup of our brains. He also discusses the use of amino acids as a brain nourishment tool.

Audrey Mackell, a good friend of mine from the bay area started me off on this path. Dr. Braverman calls his clinic PATH Medical. You take the tests in his book and then start using the brain supports your test results recommend. I went through the process and changed radically – and I mean RADICALLY. The ways of being that I thought were really me were simply changed. Things like my ADD, or the psychic’s ditzy brain upon which I hung a lot of my foibles. I learned that none of that was a necessary part of my life. And with this book as a reference I began to take charge of my thinking, being, knowing…

The Edge Effect is a great reference with lists of syndromes that arise from deficiencies in each of the sets of lobes and has many suggestions for diet and supplements. Unlike the advice in most books, these suggestions actually work.

This life changing book is definitely dog eared.

The Bhagavad Gita: A Walkthrough for Westerners
by Jack Hawley

I absolutely loved The Bhagavad Gita: A Walkthrough for Westerners – easy to read, yet so much to chew on. The story and the battle are ancient, but The Bhagavad Gita has been a source of spiritual wisdom for over 8000 years. Much like the bible, it drifts into the cultural conversations, the collective mind, and the metaphorical references that are still relevant today.

Within its pages we follow the story of our hero Arjuna as he is forced to confront his inner fears while battling the greed of a tyrant who uses his power to take the property and resources from the people in his own village. Along the way Arjuna has several rich discussions with his avatar cousin Krishna. “I don’t want to battle so many of the people I have loved and known my whole life. I just can’t do it,“ he pleads. Krishna guides him and talks with him about dharma, his soul duty, and his commitment to help those who have been overpowered by the leader’s greed.

The Bhagavad Gita is easy to understand and enlightening. It inspired me back into my personal search for deepening motivation, integrity, love, and justice. As I read I chuckled with Jack (the author) over how things are today – bank and mortgage swindles, greed, etc. You know the stuff that we all deal with. The messages are clear and Jack, a long term student of Hindu, philosophy, Sai Baba and life, brings the essence of this rich epic to life.