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Paradigm Shifters is a weekly radio interview show hosted by yours truly, Veronica Entwistle, during which I introduce you to people whom themselves are known as paradigm shifters – extraordinary individuals amongst us who usher in the new concepts that inspire changes in our lives and emerging worlds. My guests enable us to transcend existing patterns and awaken our inner-selves to new levels of consciousness. These are all people whom, if you don’t already know about, you soon will! I invite you to join us every week, share in their wisdom and what their experiences have to offer. Together we can move away from what we already know and feel about this complex multi-dimensional universe, and shift into a more mutually recognizable, higher frequency paradigm filled with collective empowerment, personal influence, and global consciousness.

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Here are a few audio clips from my show for you to enjoy!

Paradigm Shifters: Swami Beyondananda on shifting politics
Paradigm Shifters: Teri McBride on the healing power of the mind