The Guides remind us often to call up the healing center. Here are some manifesting meditations for you and yours.

Sacred Geometric Meditation
with Veronica Entwistle

Calling Up the Healing Center

Take a few deep, energy shifting breaths. Call in your guides and angels and ask for protection. Feel the shimmering fields of The Presence. Ask to feel and know your – (you fill in the blanks) – perhaps grief, anger, sadness, or control – notice where this feeling persists in your body. It helps to keep track of where exactly you file your feelings. Then ask your guides and angels to take this feeling away, liberating your inner being.

Does your energy shift? Even a wee bit? If the shift is too small, experience the meditation again, perhaps this time try changing your focus towards a different place of tension. Or maybe that feeling, perhaps sadness, transforms into rage. Follow it. Then rage propagates into hurt and pain. Follow it. Once again, notice where it is in your body. Then command its total release, or ask your angels to take it from you.

A Breathing Meditation that Will Radiate Your Inner Consciousness
with Veronica Entwistle

Violet Flame Clearing Meditation
A Healing Gift from Saint Germaine

Stop for a moment, envision a violet flame burning and burning, all around you, filling your room, or car. Take this healing energy fire and draw it through you, burning away the old reflections of hurt and mistreatment. Feel the flame as it pulses through your body, inch by inch, cell by cell. The gift of St. Germaine is the clearing of energy leftovers from various thoughts and feelings, within and without the old energies that keep us reacting, or weighed down. Help yourself during this season of wonder. See your vibrations spread round you, lifting and loving those that come in touch with you and yours.

The more we clear ourselves, the more we serve others. And the more we find ourselves engulfed in the radiant cycle of love in, love out.

Chakra Meditation

Build your chakras until they are strong and can hold your space within a room or the universe. You are then a contributor, a radiator of higher frequency energies, the energies of endless potential. First, focus on the base chakra. Rapidly breathe red into it and breathe the murkiness out. Continue until it gets bright and strong in your “knowing”. Then move on to the belly. Rapidly breathe orange into it and breathe out murkiness. Again, continue until it gets bright and strong. And so on and so on. Continue forth until all your chakras become bright and strong.

Finally, complete the mediation by drawing a golden light from the earth, through your base, and up through your entire spine.