Every single one of us is a vibrational vehicle of light with radiant energy centers, containing all the frequency colors of the rainbow. These centers, known as chakras, carry the information of your soul’s history and your individual drives. Chakras are, in truth, the steps of your evolution. To use them well, keep clearing old programs that resurface within their spheres. Through chakra clearing exercises, we can heal traumatic reactions and release ourselves from the restrictive patterns that distract our daily lives. Chakra colors tell you about their optimal frequency. When you sense or see those colors as murky, they have congested energy. That is your old history of reactions interacting with the world.

Crown ~ violet

Located at the top of our heads, it looks like a lotus that opens and closes. It rises to receive the higher fields of the universal support from our guides and angels. Open it consciously to add light into your being.

Third Eye ~ indigo

The third eye is the second of the wisdom chakras. It possesses the ability to see beyond the third dimension, beyond what is considered normal sight. This chakra opens more and more as the brain patterns from old reactions release. As you focus on it and access it through breathing and meditation, you will notice that the third eye activates the rest of your brain, awakening the sleeping potentials for expanded awareness.

Throat ~ blue

The throat is the home of the first wisdom chakra. As you evolve within the journeys of the soul and body, the blue sphere squeezes the nectar of truth and life. It is a tiny gateway to wisdom, the fruit of your experience. When you are feeling “choked up” in the throat region, it is simply the cosmos informing you are getting wiser. So sing, dance, paint, write, speak and synthesize your unique wisdom. It is a great way to release tension from a constricted throat, and encourage your inner wisdom to grow.

Heart ~ green

The heart chakra is the setting for courage, inspiration, harmony and love, as well as the dwelling for the less pleasant emotions of fear, grief, despair, and sadness. What resides in the heart can be ancient and can very well keep us from being immersed with the very love that we as vibrational beings are entitled to. Focus on your heart chakra, sense how it holds a defensive position. Finally, let it go – experience new freedoms by allowing the heart’s tension to simply dissipate from your body and into nothingness.

Solar Plexus ~ yellow

The stomach is the center of your truth, vulnerability, and power. This is where the REAL you resides. When you lose someone by death or parting, the changes within our being are inevitable. Often we experience a hole in the stomach, feeling gastrointestinal difficulties until our identity can once again realign itself. Fierce breathing into the solar plexus helps to detoxify the grief and build a new center of self.

Belly ~ orange

This is the cauldron of the subconscious, where beliefs, karma, and everyone else’s influences through birth, sexuality, and authority are stored. The belly chakra contains everything left over from which you foster and attract the experiences of daily life. I encourage you to call up an awareness of someone who has greatly influenced you. I want you to feel all the energy that comes from their influence, and then I want you to command its total release. Do this often to adopt huge changes in your out picturing.

Base ~ red

This chakra holds your programs of survival, your family lineage, and all of your universal imprints, such as which realms and solar systems you and your soul have traveled. On the more earthy levels, the base sphere holds the keys to your attraction to material goods, money, and resources. I often see in people that the red light can be a sign of intense creativity that could manifest into massive inner wealth and joy.

Chakra Meditation

Build your chakras until they are strong and can hold your space within a room or the universe. You are then a contributor, a radiator of higher frequency energies, the energies of endless potential. First, focus on the base chakra. Rapidly breathe red into it and breathe the murkiness out. Continue until it gets bright and strong in your “knowing”. Then move on to the belly. Rapidly breathe orange into it and breathe out murkiness. Again, continue until it gets bright and strong. And so on and so on. Continue forth until all your chakras become bright and strong.

Finally, complete the meditation by drawing a golden light from the earth, through your base, and up through your entire spine.