Paradigm Shifters presents Liberty Miller

Meet Liberty Miller. Liberty is an adventurer. It’s as if she was shot out of a cannon after her beloved big brother was murdered.

Then from 16 on, she continually evolves into an amazing contributer on our planet to support of Marine animals as a volunteer with non profits wanting to support dolphins, and other endangered sea beings. Using photography and articles, setting up new aspects of these environmental cuases, Liberty roamed to find a way to help…to make a difference Now, 20 years later, she has written her story, The Heart of a Runaway, whipping hearts into fierce empathy with her adventures to meaning for her life. I love that then she found her way to work with, & listen to, inmates in the Alaska prison, exploring, as the heart of their journey and how much it links with her heart.

Meet and feel her transformative gifts of rowing and forgiveness meet up with her adventure into her own true nature. I am delighted to share this powerful journey of Liberty, Liberty’s spirit and all of you.

Tune in: Tonight August 21, 2018 on – followed by the podcasts of our talk on, ITunes, Stitcher.

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