MY NEAR-LIFE EXPERIENCE dances on the edges of reality and mysticism, guided by messages that both confound and illuminate. A saga of awakening to one’s true nature among myriad weeds of reaction, this book is exciting, funny, heartbreaking, and real. Find yourself reveling in the rich conversations with Spirits that ease tension between loved ones on either side of the veil in the conscious flow of life. You can also birth your tools of healing with the grace that is here for us all the time.

“MY NEAR-LIFE EXPERIENCE is a vital story. Veronica’s path is lively and inspiring—a courageous revelation by a woman determined to confront her self-limitations to successfully live the magic of a mystical path.”
— Joe Vitale, Best-selling author

“The milestones of our lives don’t have to build brick walls. Travel with Veronica in MY NEAR-LIFE EXPERIENCE to feel the joy and humor of her breakthroughs to her fulfilling expression as a mystic.”
— John Grey, best-selling author


My name is Veronica Entwistle. I am an intuitive and energy counselor who, like many of you, is an explorer on the path of the new emerging humanities that are unfolding all around us. I use my gifts of intuition, as well as my rapport with various realms of consciousness and loving Guides and Angels, to create universal understandings within the murky stew of our experiences. This site is a portal where many of my discoveries are brought together so that I may lovingly share them with you. I offer tools to inspire your change, allowing you to fully harness the potential of your inner-self. We are all on this journey, let us grow and learn together.

With Love,


I host a weekly podcast interview show Paradigm Shifters. The show features the extraordinary individuals amongst us who usher in the new concepts that inspire changes in our lives and emerging worlds. Listen to my latest few episodes below!

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We truly live in extraordinary times. My blog is just one avenue for me to share with you some of the exciting happenings in the world that surrounds us. Our journeys are all interconnected – collectively, this blog belongs to us all.
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Tutored by spirit, I have developed a rapid style of intuitive counseling to guide you into being your true self. Readings with my guides and angels, and yours too, are like a loving mining expedition through your own spiritual energy fields. Together we shall heighten your conscious awareness to new levels and transform the constrictive energy that is manifesting from within.
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I host a weekly podcast interview show Paradigm Shifters that features the extraordinary individuals amongst us who usher in the new concepts that inspire changes in our lives and emerging worlds.
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My goal on the radio is to send waves of healing energy through the media systems. As an international intuitive and gifted seer, I have the ability to reach into both, body and mind, to explore on a meta-physical level – enabling me to lovingly guide you on your path of transformation and self-discovery.
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