Featured Guests

Here is where you while find information about all the wonderful people that have been featured guests on my weekly radio interview show Paradigm Shifters. Every single one of them is a physical embodiment of transformation and self-discovery, two key characteristics at the core of any true paradigm shifter. Feel free to explore this page, I’m sure you will find its contents to be as inspiring as I do.


An accomplished seer, Almine is indeed a true being of light. She has been commonly referred to by world leaders and scientists alike, as one of the greatest mystics of our time. Author of over 20 books, her work represents the cutting edge of metaphysics and Gnosticism; that wonderful place where the physical and non-physical meet to create new realities. Almine currently hosts several radio programs on the subject including A Life of Miracles, Awakening From the Dream, and Mystery, Mastery, and Magic.

For more info visit: spiritualjourneys.com


Swami Paramananda Saraswatti, lovingly known as Ammaji to her students and most of the world, is an extraordinary teacher and channel for Mafu, an Enlightened Master that reminds humanity of our divine nature – that we are indeed the source of love, power, and peace within the universe. A master teacher, Ammaji is the head of The Foundation for Meditative Studies, as well as the creator and director of The Oregon Tiger Sanctuary, a not for profit organization that provides a safe haven for abused and neglected endangered animals. Extremely gifted, Ammaji works tirelessly on behalf of Mafu to help awaken spiritual seekers around the globe.

For more info visit: foundationformeditativestudies.org

Lynn V. Andrews

Lynn V. Andrews is a leader in the field of spirituality and personal development, and is ranked as one of the top self-improvement experts in the world and the leading teacher of global shamanic cosmologies. A shaman healer and mystic, Ms. Andrews is widely acknowledged as a major link between the ancient world of shamanism and modern societies thirst for profound personal healing and a deeper understanding of the pathway to enlightenment. She is the author of the Medicine Woman Series, which chronicles her three decades of study and work with shaman healers on four continents. Furthermore, Lynn is also initiated as a member of the Sisterhood of the Shields. The group consists of 44 women who are healers from around the world. Choosing to remain hidden, the Sisterhood has appointed Ms. Andrews as their public messenger. Lynn’s work is beloved by millions, and she continues to influence everyone she comes in contact with.

For more info visit: lynnandrews.com

Darryl Anka

For almost 40 years, individuals from all over the globe have made the special journey to see renowned channel Darryl Anka. His consciousness acts as the passage way for the remarkable inter-dimensional being from the future known as Bashar. Through Bashar, Darryl has taught and inspired others how to change their lives for the better, and provide insights into concepts that defy the possibilities of the known world. It is his desire to expand your spirit, heighten your awareness of the limitless potential that life offers each and every day, and encourage you to follow your highest joy. Bashar often suggests, “Live your dreams instead of merely dreaming about living.”

For more info visit: bashar.org

Justice Bartlett

Justice Bartlett is a transformational consultant that combines her unique skills, experiences and intuition to facilitate the transformational process for people all over the world. A certified Hypnotherapists and Neuro Linguistic Programmer, she founded Embody Me, a center for well-being based out of Seattle, WA. She has also developed a children’s Matrix Energetics class to empower children to be centered in self-consciousness, helping kids wade through the myriad of veils adopted from the social demands of today’s society.

For more info visit: embodyme.org

Peter Bedard

Peter Bedard is a licensed hypnotherapist and holistic health coach, a comedian, and an actor, whom currently resides in sunny Los Angeles. He represents the holistic spirit renaissance of the traditional Hollywood lifestyle. In 2009 he started his own online show Create Your Health. The show, now spanning over 50 episodes, is a great example of infusing the world of entertainment with the world of self-consciousness. Having healed himself from potentially life-threatening conditions, Peter is now a walking testament to the power of alternative holistic medical practices and is an expert at creating wellness from within.

For more info visit: createyourhealth.com

Steve Bhaerman

Steve Bhaerman is an internationally known author, humorist, and workshop leader. On stage he is known as Swami Beyondananda, the Cosmic Comic, and his comedy is intended to heal the heart and free the mind, to offer incisive insights into inconvenient truths (and convenient lies), and to do so through the eye of love. Steve’s Swami routines have been described as irreverently uplifting and full of hidden wisdom. He will make you laugh as he sheds new perspectives unto your emerging world.

For more info visit: wakeuplaughing.com

Mark Borax

Mark Borax is a gifted astrologer that has helped thousands of people get in touch with their core force and life’s purpose. In 1987 he created Soul Level Astrology, which is a revolutionary astrological method of using your birth chart to identify your core nature, the deepest part of you. His book, Crossing the Bridge to the Future, challenges readers to consciously move out of the trance of belonging within the collective, and into the complex depths of your own soul, where fiery new dreams are taking root. Mark is an original explorer who proudly endures the endless search for new levels of consciousness.

For more info visit: markborax.com

Timothy Bradbury

Dr. Timothy Bradbury runs a chiropractic clinic in Bellingham, WA. In addition to being a chiropractor, Dr. Bradbury recently returned from Mongolia where he filmed The Eagle People, a diminishing Mongolian Tribe who use Eagles to hunt for food and fur.

Carl Johan Calleman

Carl Johan Calleman has dedicated his life to studying the Mayan Calendar and the mysterious secrets that can be found within. In his book, The Mayan Calendar: Solving the Greatest Mystery of Our Time, Carl develops one of the greatest changes in human thinking to have ever taken place, combining elements from both Western and Eastern Thinking to form a more unified thought process. The Mayan Calendar provides a common perspective on the emergence of all human religions, technological advancements, and both ancient and modern philosophies. This is the basis for a prophetic science, once forgotten, than is now emerging back into our world.

For more info visit: calleman.com

Amalia Camatero

Amalia Camatero is an international speaker of wisdom, an expert in movement therapy, and the author of Spirit of the Stones. The book explores her own personal journey, while at the same time revealing how to make sense of the countless barrage of transcendental messages that influence us all. Through her work, Amelia inspires people around the world to ground their energy, listen to the spirit of the stones, and embody the wisdom to activate their full life force potential.

For more info visit: earthspiritwisdom.com

Judy Cole

Judy Cole is a licensed minister in Spiritual Humanism and the creator of harmonic audiographs and homeopathic sound signatures. She is an eclectic soul who is the lead coordinator and top code decipherer of a team of researchers who study the sacred secret sonic sciences and alternative healing modalities. Judy speaks often of the interconnections between sound frequencies, nutrition, essential oils, homeopathy, and our intentions to create ourselves as fully realized beings.

For more info visit: soundhealingcenter.com

Caroline Cory

Caroline Cory is a futurist, a visionary, and the founder of the OMnium Method of Learning and Healing, a method based on vibrational entrainment with the Source Frequency. Caroline has the experience and knowledge to lead us through meditations that will align us with the Source. You will feel streams of energy moving through your individual cells, awakening them to their full potential. She teaches us how the frequencies can present new realities, and extinguish tyrannies of the subconscious.

For more info visit: omniumuniverse.com

Judy Caroll

For the better part of her life, Judy Caroll has an extraordinarily strong connection with The Greys, the infamous group of extraterrestrial beings who are mostly known by the general public for abducting humans and conducting various genetic experiments on them. Judy’s several experiences with The Grey have allowed her to form a very unique bond with them. They communicate with her spiritually and on a subconscious level, which lead to her deep understanding of their role in the universe. They use her as a vessel to communicate their wisdom unto our humanity. In her book The Zeta Message, Judy tells her story tells the of her own life-long and life-changing contact experiences with these mysterious beings from another realm.

For more info visit: ufogreyinfo.com

Michael Clingerman

Michael Clingerman became “awakened” in 2010 while attending courses at the Oneness University in India. Ever since then, he has been a Oneness Blessing Giver who helps others reach powerful states of self-enlightenment. Michael currently resides in the Pacific Northwest where he holds various workshops and seminars where he shares his personal journey and thoughtful insights on the importance of awakening and awareness.

Barbara Hand Clow

Barbara Hand Clow is the author of The Mayan Code, which documents her roots in Mayan, Pleaidian, and Native American wisdom through time to 2012. Barbara’s work takes us through the streams of symbols, energy, and light that have guided our integration between the universal flows of consciousness that influence us, with all that we have been through in the thousands of years that we’ve occupied this planet.

For more info visit: handclow2012.com

Tim Costello

Tim Costello is the founder of Slum Doctors, a volunteer grassroots organization based out of Bellingham, WA that brings relief to those suffering with AIDS in Africa. Their mission is to lift the burden of despair for people impacted by AIDS by providing hope, medicine, food, education, and dignity. Tim is dedicated AIDS activist, and a prominent member of the community. He continuously strives to make positive changes in the world in which we all operate.

For more info visit: slumdoctor.org

Amrita Cottell

The voice is the original human instrument, a gracious vehicle of compassion and comfort, and one in which Amrita Cottell has complete control over. She uses the power of sound to guide you on a healing journey within yourself, to experience new levels of inner vibrations and well-being. Her translucent voice focuses intensions and drives you to areas where healing is needed most. Amarita is a member of the Santa Cruz chapter of the Threshold Choir. This all-woman choir honors the ancient tradition of singing at the bedsides of people whom are struggling – some with living, some with dying. It provides Amrita, and other women, opportunities to share the sacred gifts of their voices at life’s thresholds.

For more info visit: thresholdchoir.org

Gordon Dougal

Dr. Gordon Dougal knows everything there is to know about anti-aging and the rejuvenation of our bodies and minds using the latest of technologies. Recently he has invented a new way to fight Alzheimer’s disease with a specially designed infrared helmet that stimulates the replication of healthy cells throughout the brain with energy inducing light pulses. He also has developed the virulite machine, a light machine that treats cold sores and other comment human ailments.

For more info visit: restorelite.co.uk

Ellie Drew

Ellie Drew is the founding member of The Institute for Conscious Change, and the author of The Blue Book of Inner Wisdom: The Architecture of Reality. Through her disciplines and meditations, she has learned to activate the magic of manifestation within her own being, as well as in others. Ellie offers a multitude of workshops that can take you through an experience of her “Sacred Forgiveness Ceremony”, where you will learn how to hear “The Voice” and the ways in which it tutors all levels of consciousness.

For more info visit: consciouschange.org

Jayne Entwistle

Jayne Entwistle is an accomplished entertainer, actress, and award winning narrator who’s voice can be heard on just about anything, from audio books, to video games. As a master of the improvisational arts, Jayne stars in Zombience, an improvised zombie musical that can be seen at the Improvatorium in Los Angeles, CA. She personifies radiance in everything she does, inspiring others to do the same.

For more info visit: thejayneshow.com

Dean and Dudley Evenson

Dean and Dudley Evenson pioneered a new genre of music that blends the peaceful music of the flute and the harp with the surrounding sounds of nature. In 1979 they started their own record label Soundings of the Planet. Since its origin, the label has produced over 50 albums and worked with outstanding people and musicians from all over the world. Through their music, Dean and Dudley build awareness and support for a variety of social and environmental concerns. They are truly visionaries of the Ambient/New Age musical genre, as well as prolific human beings that have shaped the world for years.

For more info visit: soundings.com

Jacque Fesco

Jacque Fesco is self-educated futurist and the founder of The Venus Poject, an organization that pushes for change of the current capitalistic socioeconomic systems towards a more peaceful and global civilization. They offer an actionable plan to take us from where we are now to where we should be going. It is a global vision of hope for the future of humankind. Jacque was featured in the film Zeitgeist Addendum, where he shares some of his visions of the future.

For more info visit: thevenusproject.com

Lee Gerdes

Founder of Brain State Technologies, Lee Gerdes is truly an innovator and forward thinker. He believes that the key to living a peaceful, loving existence is dependent on achieving balance within the brain. At Brain State Technologies they combine elements of quantum mechanics with highly sophisticated computer technology to enable people to reach their full brain’s potential. An optimized brain begins to see humanity in a new light and can begin to more easily shed that light unto the rest of the world. Recently, Lee authored the book Limitless You: The Infinite Possibilities of a Balanced Brain, which describes in detail the powerful life-altering effects that a well-tuned mind can have on the human psyche.

For more info visit: brainstatetechnologies.com

Madeline Gerwick

Madeline Gerwick is an internationally recognized astrologer. With a strong background in economics, she specializes in business oriented astrology. She consults with businesses of all sizes to guide them to higher levels of prosperity, enabling them to work in harmony with the universe. Her vast experience in astrology allows her to provide powerful, in depth insights and analysis to whomever may seek her guidance.

For more info visit: polarisbusinessguides.com

Peter Gillies

Peter Gillies is at the forefront of the current awakening movement. He understands the importance of Divine Energy and the influence it can play on our everyday lives. Like many other around the US and Canada, Peter is heavily involved in the philosophies of the Oneness University and is more than willing to share his journeys with any who will listen. He is devoted to awakening mankind to the true nature of the self.

Don Goewey

For over 30 years, Don Goewey has been helping people move beyond their own limitations and tap in to their full potential as human beings. Don is a firm believer in the power of attitude and how self-imposed dynamic shifts can strengthen your brain’s capacity for peace, creativity, and joy. In 2006 he founded ProAttitude, an organization based out of Hercules, CA that is dedicated to reducing stress in the workplace. In his book Mystic Cool, he examines the art and science behind his approach to transcending stress, achieving optimal brain function, and maximizing your creative intelligence.

For more info visit: proattitude.com

Dr. John Gray

Dr. John Gray, an internationally recognized expert in the fields of communication and relationships, is the author of 15 books, including the number one best-selling relationship book of the last decade, Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus. John helps men and women understand, respect and appreciate their differences in both personal and professional relationships. His approach combines specific communication techniques with healthy, nutritional choices that create the brain and body chemistry for lasting health, happiness and romance. He provides practical insights to effectively manage stress and improve relationships at all stages of life and love.

For more info visit: marsvenus.com

Alan Handelsman

Not only is Alan Handelsman a very funny man and engaging entertainer, he is also a master of source hypnosis, which is an emotional release technique that combines traditional hypnosis methods with Alan’s own personal style. A purveyor of radiance, Alan has developed the resonant tuner, an energy transformation tool that acts much like your very own personal radiance credit card. When used accordingly they can effectively shift the resonance in people and surrounding environments.

For more info visit: sourcehypnosis.com, resonancetuner.com

Gay Hendricks

Gay Hendricks is the founder and President of The Hendricks Institute, an international learning center that teaches core skills for conscious living and loving. For more than 35 years, Gay has at the forefront in the fields of relationship transformation and body/mind therapies. He is the author of more than 20 books, including the national bestseller Conscious Loving, and he is the Co-founder of the Spiritual Cinema Circle, a film company dedicated to the creation and distribution of inspirational movies that change people’s lives for the better. Through his work, Gay has shown his passion and commitment to creating a worldwide community of people with whom we can explore new heights of love, creativity, and well-being.

For more info visit: hendricks.com

Aaravindha Himadra

Aaravindha Himadra is a multidimensional renaissance man. As a visionary he uses his unique gift of Saumedhika Sight to illuminate a broad range of spiritual connections and existential knowledge. He is master seer who belongs to an ancient tradition known as The Sacred Solar Lineage, a tradition guided by a timeless line of immortal masters. Aaravindha has full sight and can truly see the connection between each of us and the universe. His intuitive mastery inspired him to start a foundation called Sambodha in 2006, an international community comprised of talented and learned spiritual teachers, healers, and students, whom are dedicated to the emerging body of spiritual and practical knowledge that is directly rooted in the teachings inherent to the Great Solar Lineage.

For more info visit: sambodha.org

Kathleen Barry Ingram

Kathleen Barry Ingram is a Tucson-based life coach, consultant, lecturer and educator specializing in assisting individuals in personal/professional growth and Equine-Facilitated Experiential Learning. Kathleen is dedicated to helping individuals and groups move beyond limiting patterns of thought and behavior, assisting them in the discovery of possibilities to resolve conflict, develop competency, and find peace. She can help you to look at possibilities and turn them into probabilities that will enrich and enhance your personal and professional life.

For more info visit: sacredplaceofpossibility.com

Tami Kent

Tami Kent is a licensed physical therapist for women and the founder of Holistic Pelvic Care. Her work as a physical therapist pioneers a style of massage to release old programs and encourage the influx of new creative energy. She is passionate about cultivating the creative energy that is meant to run through all aspects of a woman’s life. Tami provides a bridge between the realms of modern medicine and traditional women’s wisdom. In her book Wild Feminine: Finding Power, Spirit & Joy in the Female Body, she invites women everywhere to journey deep into the heart of their female bodies, to her root place, and the root of all womanhood through stories, visualizations, and creative exercises..

For more info visit: wildfeminine.com

Eve Kerwin

Eve Kerwin, accomplished shamanic healer, channeler, and author of The Awakening, brings profound messages of inspiration and guidance. Eve’s spiritual gifts enable her to connect to the energies of White Buffalo Woman and unlock various levels of consciousness and transformation. Eve is also what is termed as an empath, meaning that she can energetically feel the cellular blockages in the client’s body through her own physical form as she shifts and clears the energy within the individual.

For more info visit: evekerwinwhitebuffalowoman.com

Valerie Hunt

Valerie Hunt is a scientist, author, and Professor Emeritus of Physiological Science at UCLA. Her pioneering research in the field of bioenergy has led to the first truly scientific understanding of the relationship between energy field disturbances, disease, emotional pathologies, human field communication and the energy spectrum of consciousness. As a scientist she has introduced the gift of subtle energy healing unto the world. Dr. Hunt understands the rapport between the psyche, soul, body, and high frequencies from the universe, and has developed technologically advanced tools to measure and activate the radiant vibrations of energy that interact with all of us on a very real experiential level.

For more info visit: valerievhunt.com

Larry and Bernie Koftinoff

Larry and Bernie Koftinoff are oneness trainers who have both been blessed with the honor of initiation, meaning they are spiritually qualified to share the Oneness Meditation. Both are passionate about serving the oneness vision and helping to transform humanity during this great age of awakening. They understand that to move into higher states of consciousness, one needs to receive this direct benediction from the Divine and they take it upon themselves to spread that message.

Rowena Kryder

Rowena Kryder is a visionary artist and comprehensive seer whose insights and symbols span a compilation of a dozen books and five card sets. The founder of The Creative Harmonics Institute in Mount Shasta, CA, Rowena’s work is an expression of her deep appreciation for the gifts of creation; it is her reciprocation back to the Divine. Her ability to invoke harmony and change within is remarkable. Rowena’s journey is a rich artistic tour of a woman with a passion for authenticity and exploration. Delightful, clear, and inspiring, her legend leaves a brilliant trail for many to follow on their quests for more authentic paradigms.

For more info visit: creative-harmonics.org

Dr. Meg Blackburn Losey

Dr. Meg Blackburn Lose, better known to the world as simply Dr. Meg, is a medical intuitive and international best-selling author. She is Ph.D. of Holistic Life Counseling and an expert in the field of Metaphysics. As she began exploring higher aspects of consciousness, she began to understand the intrinsic dynamics of energy. Her vast expansion of consciousness enabled her to meet Masters from higher dimensions that guide her in the art of inter-dimensionality, healing, and into the higher aspects of the Universal Consciousness. She believes that everyone has the same capabilities as her, but they first must understand how to use the tools that universe provides, and of course, Dr. Meg is happy to teach them! Sharing this information has become her passion and her life’s work.

For more info visit: spiritlite.com

Dr. Rita Louise

Medical Intuitive, Dr. Rita Louise, is a 20-year veteran of the alternative health field. She provides guidance, support, and encouragement for those whom seek balance in their lives. As the founder of the Institute of Applied Energetics, she uses her expertise in the field to teach others her advanced findings and techniques, to equip them with the tools they need to be successful. As Dr. Louise looks into your body, mind, and spirit, she can unlock secrets about your physical, emotional, and spiritual states, which will enable you to make positive changes in your life. Louse is also a pragmatic writer who has published two books, Avoiding the Cosmic 2X4, and The Power Within, where she explores the world of alternative medical practices.

For more info visit: soulhealer.com

Randy Masters

Randy Masters is a man of many disciplines. He combines his expertise as a composer and harmonic mathematician, with his background in esoteric and exoteric sciences, to reveal the precise harmonics of our universal life field. His company, Resonant Living, specializes in the production of products that are tuned to the universal harmonics, the world of geometry, sacred sites, and ancient musical traditions. Their mission is to deliver the essential nutrients of sound, form and color to the world. Randy’s life work is a reflection on his deep love for humanity. A devoted spiritual mentor, he strives to connect the musical dots that bring us closer to ourselves and the surrounding universe.

For more info visit: universalsong.net

Harold McCoy

Harold McCoy is the founder of The Ozark Research Institute. He understands the complex connections between dowsing the blocks within people, and resonating them to action. The eventual release of those blocks leads to health, freedom, and empowerment in every aspect of our lives. A proponent of perpetual healing, Harold is a unique individual that continues to have a dramatic impact on everyone he comes in contact with, in this life and beyond.

For more info visit: ozarkresearch.org

Lynne McTaggart

Lynne McTaggart is a best-selling author and a critically acclaimed researcher whose work has often been described as a bridge between science and spirituality. Lynne is a leader in the fields of quantum physics, spirituality, and health, and she has written three influential books on the subjects. She presents the very latest scientific evidence about the power of your own thoughts and the true nature of reality. She is eager to share what she has discovered with others, and her desire to help has taken her all over the world, as well some appearances on national television with Oprah Winfrey. From the science, Lynne has also extrapolated detailed programs to direct your thoughts, increase your activity, and strengthen your intentions, allowing you to make genuine changes that affect every aspect of your life.

For more info visit: lynnemctaggart.com

John Meeks

John Meeks is the mind behind Apple Blossom Insulators, a green energy company. Their mission, to provide superior, sustainable, environmentally responsible products to home and business owners, while educating about embodied energy and reducing energy expenditures. It is a company grounded in spiritually active principles. John can teach us many ways in which we can be conscious, save energy and money, and how to integrate green principles in our lives.

For more info visit: appleblossomenergy.com

Ginger Metraux

Ginger Metraux is a specially gifted medium who has studied for many years under the guidance of Lazaris, and with Dr. Gregory Antyuhin at the Modern Day Mystery School in Boca Raton, Fl. She is best known for her ability to channel the Galexis, a group of non-physical light-beings that bring greater spiritual perspective and amazingly practical insights to the inner consciousness. Under the assistance of Galexis, Ginger inspires confidence with her teachings of the vibrational support systems that can push us through difficult times.

For more info visit: whitetimegem.com

Vanda Mikeloski

Vanda Mikeloski is a successful comedian, superbly funny and smart, who is deeply rooted in spirituality and meditation. While performing, her goal is to not only make you laugh, but to also make you think and wonder about our nature, divinity, and duplicity. Her unique style is ushering in revolutionary new movement in comedy known as Spiritually Incorrect Comedy. Vanda is an enlightening soul, bursting with innovation, wisdom, and laughter.

For more info visit: spirituallyincorrectcomedy.com

Gail Minogue

Gail Minogue is a world renowned numerologist and a featured speaker at the West Coast Dowsers Conference held yearly in beautiful Santa Cruz, CA. With over 25 years of experience studying sacred geometry and ancient secrets, Gail understands how simple numbers can be used to reveal the solutions to life’s most complex problems. In her book Divine Design, she explains the role that numbers play in shaping our very existences, and how they can prepare us for upcoming challenges.

For more info visit: gailminogue.com, dowserswestcoast.org

Kitty Mrache

After spending years studying under the guidance of Channie Cha, the powerful healer and contactee for the Highly Evolved Extra Terrestrials, Kitty Mrache is now the head instructor for UWT (Universal White Time) gemstones in the United States. She travels the country informing others of the many healing virtues of white time gemstones, and how they govern the inner frequencies that affect the entire planet and beyond. Additionally, Katie is also an ordained minister at The Teaching of Intuitional Metaphysics. A highly eclectic individual, she strives to help others connect with their higher selves.

For more info visit: whitetimegem.com

Juliet Nightingale

Juliet Nightingale is a lifelong mystic seer from England who, as a result of a life-threatening illness since childhood, has been through a number of near-death experiences. She is a facilitator, speaker, teacher, clairvoyant, medium, life coach, and Reikie practitioner focusing primarily on near death and other similar spiritually transformative experiences. For years she hosted a radio show on BBSradio.com called Toward the Light, where she discussed those topics in detail. Juliet was ahead of her time, and though she left her body on February 28th 2009, her work with humanity is not yet complete.

For more info visit: towardthelight.org

James Olson

James Olson is a philosopher who has worked most of his life to unify his understandings of material objects, ideas, and spiritual energies. He embraces concepts that possess harmony with one another, and eliminates those that generate conflicts. James has made it his mission to use his implementation of whole-brain thinking to help bring the planet’s masculine and feminine energies into greater balance, creating a more peaceful state of existence. In his book The Whole-Brain Path to Peace he talks about the distortions that can occur when one side of the brain is not fully informed by the other. He explains how to achieve greater balance, both as individuals and as a culture—thus showing us the path to peace.

For more info visit: thewholebrainpath.com

Dr. Valerie Olmsted

Dr. Valerie Olmsted is a naturopathic physician with an active practice based out of Sedona, AZ. With over 30 years in the medical field, Dr. Olmsted has been involved in the treatment of patients with usual, unusual, and truly bizarre illnesses and injuries. Her practice is centered on blood type science and is directed towards the healing of chronic disease states in adults; her methods include acupuncture, homeopathy, aromatherapy, holographic memory resolution, soul retrieval/extraction, botanical medicines, and minor surgery. Dr. Olmstead believes that whatever it takes to get someone well, is exactly what she will do. Additionally, Valerie is the host of The Enlightened Medicine Show, a radio program that airs weekly on BBSradio.com.

For more info visit: The Enlightened Medicine Show

Brian Patton

Brain Patton is a one of a kind individual who is an accomplished vegan chef like no other. His quirky off-beat approach puts a much needed decidedly fresh approach to cooking vegan. He believes veganism does not have to be bland and boring, it just as easily be exciting and fun. He is the author of The Sexy Vegan Cookbook where he shares his unorthodox vegan cooking methods to the world, and he also posts a series of instructional vegan cooking videos via YouTube.

For more info visit: thesexyvegan.com

Stephen Pollitt

Stephen Pollitt a talented and kind spiritual healer who founded and developed Source Energy Research and Source Energy Medicine. He devotes his time to the study of alternative medicines and is committed to spreading the word about the various benefits that they can provide. Those that know him on either a professional or personal level, can appreciate his unbridled enthusiasm for cutting edge techniques in the field of holistic healing. Stephen’s groundbreaking book Heal Thyself is the definitive guide to self-healing and is dedicated to explaining the universal Laws that govern health, well-being, imbalance, disorder and disease.

For more info visit: sourceenergyresearch.com

David Pond

David Pond is a well-known astrologer and metaphysician. His latest book The Pursuit of Happiness, takes us on a spiral climb through the subtle energy system of the seven chakras, enhancing the functionality of our seven levels of consciousness. David offers that astrology is a highly individualized path for your development and is vitally important for self-discovery, exploration, and awakening the inner consciousness.

For more info visit: reflectingpond.com

Dr. Daved Rosensweet

Dr. Daved Rosensweet earned his medical degree from the University of Michigan in 1968. He now runs a private holistic practice based out of Naples, Fl. Although his knowledge is based on his traditional medical training, his methods also draw from his experiences while working with world renowned pioneers and practitioners in the holistic field. His new book, Menopause and Natural Hormones, he explores the hormonal shifts in both men and women, and how hormonal fluctuations in our bodies surge through all aspects of our lives, effecting our pasts, presents, and futures. Dr. Rosensweet is a radiant paradigm shifter that has dedicated his life to examining and understanding consciousness, and the impact the human soul has on our various health transitions.

For more info visit: rosensweetmd.com

Ramona Rubio

Dr. Ramona Rubio lives her life by following this one simple mantra; persistence is the catalyst that makes our dreams a reality. As a woman who exemplifies the diversity of life, she is an author, teacher, motivational speaker, cultural mythologists, alchemist, and life coach. In her book co-authored by Dr. Catherine Davidson, The Alchemical Woman, she takes us through he exciting portal of possibilities on the journey of alchemical transformation. The book translates the long shrouded, archaically complex codes of alchemy into practical tools for living a rich and meaningful life. Ramona’s goal is to change the life experiences others by sharing her own. She is a warm welcomed presence on our collective journey of self-transformation and discovery.

For more info visit: ramonarubio.com

Jill Ruttenberg

Jill Ruttenberg and her husband Bob are the founders of Amatierra, a retreat and wellness center in Costa Rica. At Amatierra their mission is to serve the whole person and provide an oasis of tranquility and rejuvenation through yoga, meditation, mind/body awareness, healthful food, fresh spring water, herbal medicine and bodywork. Jill is a registered herbalist (AHG) who specializes in Chinese and western herbal medicine, a masseuse, a dietary wizard, and of course, a hostess and ambiance specialist at her new and amazing environment, Amatierra.

For more info visit: Amatierra.com

Liz Mitten Ryan

Liz Mitten Ryan is an expert in animal communication, specializing in horse communication. Her uncanny ability to spiritually connect with these magnificent creatures has led her to write four award winning spiritual horse books, including her first book entitled One With The Herd. Co-authored by her cats and dogs, in the book Liz recalls the story of how through her horses’ beings, she discovered the secrets of connection to the great governing force known as The All. Her unique perspective on the spiritual linking between animals and the universe provides an understanding perspective on the life-changing experiences that enlighten our collective journeys.

For more info visit: spironewiththeherd.com

Jackie Salvitti

Through her many life experiences and connections with outwardly beings and various forms of multi-dimensional consciousness, Jack Salvitti has become a master of the metaphysical realm. Together, with her team of extraterrestrial races, spiritual angels, cosmic forces, and the collective consciousness of light and love, Jackie heals various issues concerning religion, abduction, emotional damage, disease, and life expectancy. Much like us all, Jackie is a vibrant being dedicated to the betterment of the realms in which we all exist. Every week she hosts her radio program ET Healing on BBS Radio with her her co-host, Veronica Entwistle, where they send waves of positive multi-dimensional healing through the air waves.

For more info visit: ethealing.com

Ayman Sawaf

Aynman Sawaf is an international entrepreneur, author, and musician. He has dedicated his life to promoting personal and spiritual development, and healthy eco-centric lifestyles. Among other things, Aynman is the co-founder of Feel.org, a non-profit organization dedicated to creating awareness for emotional literacy, a discipline that he also worked to developed. For the last 22 years he has built revolutionary new systems that can monetize our diverse perspectives of the world and optimize human capital. His visions provide new maps to grow our relationships with ourselves, our families, and our co-workers. In his book, Sacred Commerce, Aynman shares some of this paradigm shifting wisdom that he calls “Emotional Intelligence”.

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Linda Schurman

Linda Schurman is a long-standing member of the National Council for Geocosmic Research, and an accomplished astrologer. For the past 30 years, she has interpreted the astrological alignments that influence humanity and the choices we make in this reality. In her book What Next? A Survival Guide to the 21st Century, Linda offers an unflinching diagnosis of humanity’s current descent into the “end times”, so often referenced in books of prophecy. However, her message also informs us that we do not HAVE to be casualties. Instead of marching toward the “age of extinction”, we may very well be entering the “age of transition”.

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Judith Serven and Jim Sniechowski

Judith Shrven, Ph.D. and Jim Sniechowskie, Ph.D. are two feisty, heart driven therapists whom are innovators of soft sell marketing. They recognized the need to change to a more supportive commerce system based on people working together for the common good of all. Their work involves infusing the global business marketplace with humanity, spirit, love, and consciousness and their methods are continuously inspiring businesses to change the ways in which they interact with the world they operate in.

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Dr. Bernie Siegel

Bernie Siegel broke new ground with his monumental book Love, Medicine, and Miracles, in which he explores the powerful role the mind can play in fighting illness. In the book he shares several miraculous stories depicting seriously ill patients whom survived against all odds by sheer will alone. Bernie has inspired countless people to consider the possibilities of thinking themselves well. He believes the power to heal comes from a combination of love, determination, and the pure force of the mind. Over the past 20 years, his philosophy and advice have led health care professionals to help their patients influence their own recovery.

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Dr. Meredith Young-Sowers

Dr. Meredith Young-Sowers is a Doctor of Divinity who has used her own spiritual awakening as the basis to learn how healing can best be approached and accomplished in today’s world. She is an expert in the field of integrative holistic healing. Her specialty is the role that our emotions and spiritual energy play in the healing process. Meredith founded Stillpoint School of Integrative Life Healing as a way to share her in-depth understanding of healing with students from around the world. A well-respected and loved spiritual healer and teacher, Meredith creates amazing openings for healing in those with whom she works with.

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Wendelle Stevens

For over 60 years, Wendelle Stevens dedicated his life to researching the existence of UFOs. A Lt. Colonel in the USAF, he retired from the military in 1963 and became Director of Investigations for the Aerial Phenomena Research Organization (APRO) based out of Tucson, AZ. During his research, Wendelle amassed the largest collection of UFO photographs in the world, and personally investigated several UFO contact cases, the most famous being the Billy Meier case in Switzerland. He went on to start the International UFO Congress, an organization that covers a large variety of topics related to the UFO phenomenon including technology, government cover-ups, black projects, crop circles, alien visitation, and more. Sadly, Wendell Stevens passed away in September of 2010. He was 87 years old.

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Deborah Stuart

Deborah Stuart is a student of metaphysics and a pioneer in energy systems. In 1996 she co-founded the Oxygen Research Institute where she focuses on developing subtle energy technologies to aide people in achieving deeper states of meditation and higher states of consciousness. Located in Marin County, CA, The Oxygen Research Institute has designed a complete line of oxygen-fortified products, including Far Infrared anti-aging technologies and spa energy systems. Deborah also dabbles in using ancient Egyptian technologies to create jewelry scientifically designed to protect the wearer from negative energies and low frequency electromagnetic energy fields caused by cell phones, computers, microwaves, and other electronic devices.

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Laura Sullivan

Few people are aware of the energy qualities inherent in hair, Laura Sullivan is not among them. She is the founder of Hair Syntony, a holistic healing art that balances your hair using sacred geometry, and she has practiced and taught hair balancing techniques longer than anyone else in the world. The process results in more life force moving through your head and hair, enhancing your all around health, vibrancy, and beauty. Laura shows us all that hair is an integral part of your whole being, and it is imperative that it should not be overlooked.

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Caroline Sutherland

Caroline Sutherland is a medical intuitive, author, radio host, teacher, and an innovative leader in the fields of nutrition and energy medicine. Author of The Body “Knows” books, Caroline’s work has had tremendous impact on people, helping them overcome a myriad of mental, physical, and emotional problems. She knows the secrets of the body and has the ability to see beyond normal levels of perception and intro the subtle levels of the physical presence that lay below. Caroline is an empowering figure who willingly shares her knowledge for the betterment of the world and those that inhabit it.

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Dr. Wayne Topping

Dr. Wayne Topping is a trained professional in the holistic medicine and a certified instructor of Biokinesiology. In 1984 he founded Wellness Kinesiology for one reason, to teach proven alternative techniques that can positively change lives. His background in geology provides him with a unique perspective on the linkage between mineral deficiencies in certain areas and the relative health of the people living in those areas. He fully understands the presence of energy in the Earth that harmoniously flows into the human body. Wayne is the author of 10 books with a message that is always clear, influential, and fascinating. He empowers us to acknowledge the forces that are constantly working within our bodies, and encourages us to venture past our limitations.

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Dr. Suzann Wang

A Seattle native, Dr. Suzann Wang is a licensed naturopathic doctor in California and in Oregon. Her approach to healing is to assist the body’s own natural ability to heal by removing the obstacles that prevent the body from reaching its own natural state of balance. She has developed several innovative recovery and rejuvenation programs to address the many chronic conditions that commonly plague our mental and physical states, and reduce the effects of aging. Suzann cruises the edges of our paradigms to help release toxic influences within our bodies that are a consequence of today’s rapidly shifting environment..

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Louisa Williams

Dr. Louisa Williams is an accomplished holistic physician who currently practices at the Marin Naturopathic Medicine Clinic in San Rafael, California. In 1984, she founded the well-known Seattle Health Clinic which specializes in environmental medicine and detoxification. Louisa has extensively researched and practiced numerous diagnostic and therapeutic testing methods, including Sacro-Occipital Technique (SOT), Directional Non-Force Technique (DNFT), Toftness, Auriculomedicine, Applied Kinesiology (AK) and Clinical Kinesiology (CK). She also co-developed a new approach to holistic medicine called Neural Kinesiology (NK) which addresses healing in four important areas – psychological, structural, neurological, and biochemical. This approach is successful because it addresses the whole person, rather than focusing on just one or two areas. In her book, Radical Medicine, she reveals the most essential medical treatments required to achieve optimal health and ensure against future degenerative disease.

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