Paradigm Shifters — Matthew Fox Brings Us Deep Ecumen


PARADIGM SHIFTERS flies high with Matthew Fox.  Once a Dominican priest, Matthew was fired because he  favoured feminism and homeosexuality.  Rejected by the Catholic Priesthood, he moved to the Episopalian, so he could bring the ceremony of life and creativity into the world.  He kindles that passion as a prolific writer and purveyor of wisdom, teaching Deep ecumen, expressing  Unity and oneness of all the religions of the world. Truths that bind us together.  Meister Eckhardt knew and promoted that teaching in the 1300s.  Matthew Fox also knows and promotes the awareness of Meister Eckhardts’ descension into detachment – releasing all the names of God.  Releasing all the power structures or even thought structures to which we adhere to for the sake of our collective and deepening nature.  

Have you ever fallen for spin?  Drop deep within and dive deeply into the emptiness that connects us all.   There’s the transcendence. A fount of blessed new beginning.   And Matthew Fox is one of many who say there is an urgency.  We need our new beginnings.

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