Paradigm Shifters: Yoga of Parenting… Is Parenting – Brian Leaf


Paradigm Shifters includes all aspects of life.  Brian Leaf, a Yogi, shares the wit and wisdom of mindful parenting, mindful diaper changing, mindful tantrums and his and his wife Gwen’s wisdom in his book  The Misadventure of a Parenting Yogi.  It’s a hilarious, delightful and educational tour through the disheveling devilment of raising children, the labyrinths of reality,  love and committment.


One thought on “Paradigm Shifters: Yoga of Parenting… Is Parenting – Brian Leaf

  1. Dear Veronica,

    I missed the talk you had with Ginger Metraux and Galexis last week. The information I got said that I could listen to a replay on Thursday and Friday – but this replay wasn’t listed and even today it still isn’t. Is it going to be added to your list of podcasts? I’d still like to hear it.

    Thank you.

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