Paradigm Shifting Through Source Energy Medicine with Stephen Pollitt


Paradigm Shifters: Meet Stephen Pollitt (  Stephen has been our Paradigm Shifter twice before. He shares his journey through the labyrinths of linking energy to programs of limitation of all of us, through lineage, reaction, the collective. How can we use his techniques to move ourselves beyond our subconscious and to become more of the unlimited selves we know we are.  He uses labels that will charge your drinking water, but his latest downloads offer non physical charging. 


One thought on “Paradigm Shifting Through Source Energy Medicine with Stephen Pollitt

  1. I have a motto, “question everything” and I become suspicious when I cannot contact this source energy medicine directly. It is all very well to proselytize about healing energy but nowhere on that site are any details of all this reported research. The question is how do you know this energy is even present if there is no empirical evidence it is there. You have to be able to detect it and measure it to prove it exists. I look forward to hearing from Mr. Pollitt or anyone else

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