Paradigm Shifters presents Donna Wetterstrand with Divine Openings to your Infinite Potential


PARADIGM SHIFTING is fun with Divine Openings .  Devised by Lola Jones  her book “Things are Going well in my Absence”  as you read it, has a subtle way of disengaging us from limiting beliefs.  Donna Wetterstrand Divine Openings Guide, is also talented in the many schools of evolution we seekers tour, explains how Divine Openings works.  How manifesting, and the arts of creating by Divine Intelligence works faster for the whole you.  How many of us can stabilize our radiances in order to create the world(s) we believe in?

“Heaven on earth” is so very  possible.  So many of us, perhaps a little fatigued,  have been working toward it.  Donna Wetterstrand explains that  it is more possible through Divine Openings.

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