Paradigm Shifters: Finding A Souls Tune with David Ison


PARADIGM SHIFTING can be a beautiful art, bringing you to YOU with David Ison,  Many years as a musician, composer, indeed recognized by the NIH for his therapeutic music ( David,  an in depth student of spirituality, organic restauranteur, chef and  purveyor of consciousness with healing sessions, life in conscious communities, is weaving it all together in himself.  

His latest wizardry is attuning you to your core being.  By phone and the round the world delight of SKYPE, he reads a person’s physical and emotionnal challenges and re attunes them, in the moment.  As his music works through you, it can evoke the relaxation response which can be the healing response.    We talk to David about his  new work   You can also follow David Ison on Facebook

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