Paradigm Shifters Presents Duane Elgin



Paradigm Shifting takes a hearty look inside of each of us.  Are we getting there?  Are we going to be able to re-establish life on this planet as a pulsing, living, creating ocean of possibility?

Duane Elgin, author of “The Living Universe  Who Are We & Where are we Going?”, has been researching and speaking, writing books and more, all about what is going on on our planet. The interplay amongst the alienating forces of our systems and their demands. His books take us through some of the possibilities of re establishing a supportive, nurturing culture that can create a win win for all.  including our mother planet.

Seeing the movie “Interstellar” might inspire a knowing that Duane Elgins information, from several years ago, is so richly appropriate to the films dramatization of the challenges of sustaining life on the planet, and of accessing the different dimensions consciously.  Fantastic heart openers. 

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