Paradigm Shifters: Tony Burroughs 01/15/13


My guest is Tony Burroughs, author and confounder of The Intenders of the Highest Good, a grassroots community movement dedicated to spreading the word about the positive life changing power of expressing intentions through Intention Circles. Over one million people have signed up for his Vision Alignment Project. Talk about global waves of evolution! His transformative vibration can be felt through his voice, his 9 books, and his various inspirational YouTube videos.

He will surely add some quickening oomph to our awakening during this time of SHIFT.

Paradigm Shifters: Tony Burroughs 01/15/13

3 thoughts on “Paradigm Shifters: Tony Burroughs 01/15/13

  1. Thank you so much for an inspiring interview. Mr. Burroughs offers the missing piece to manifesting the good in this world–the focus on the Highest Good for all concerned. I will explore all that offers. Again, my profuse thanks to you both.

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