Paradigm Shifters and Mayra McCullough Presents You as the Hub of Your Community


Paradigm Shifters: Meet our Paradigm Shifter, Mayra McCullough, of Coach2Edify (C2E), an unusal spa, a place where people unravel the mysteries of self empowerment inside out.  How did Mayra learn all these routes to becoming whole and powerful?  C2E is a vivid hub, where you can find transformation, no matter your age.

Body Integration, Energy Medicine, Nutrition Intelligence, Creative Expression, are all part of C2E’s model for well-being. With programs for youth, seniors and everyone in between, at Coach2Edify no one is left behind and all learn how to take care of the principle building block: OURSELVES! With her team she creates a co-creative community inspired by the cutting edge businesses in the new emerging Purpose Economy. 

Mayra and C2E embodies the rapid evolution of our times. The Spa is fun. Check out

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