Shifting Paradigms Presents the Multi-Realm Life of Lavandar


Paradigm Shifters this week is delightfully unique.  Meet Lavandar of

Lavandar is a hybrid, part human, part ET .  She was genetically aligned with the ET world  and our own to naviagate both worlds easily and be an interlocutor for both.  We need to get ready to mingle with the universal species. Lavandar says that there is a plan!

Several of us have been taking advantage of the Integratron, a dimensional shifting, activating capsule in the CA desert.  Talk about shifting your identity, this place known as a center of “high experimentation”.  Lavandar was involved with founder George Van Tassal right at its beginnings. Her recording  “Crack Between the Worlds” is a wild ride through activation and  some of the levels of consciousness and the goals of The Integratron.  

Beyond the Integratron, Lavandar has a vigorous rapport with Spiritual Sites on the planet and their purpose.  She has activated and guided movie stars on their evolution into multi-dimensionality. She enhances that with her crystal tours through Arkansas.  Let’s find out what is going on beyond this paradigm of ours that is truly shifting!

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