Paradigm Shifters brings you the Martins and Spiritual Tuning of Ones Ego


Paradigm Shifters presents Dr. Nick Martin, Conscious Psychologist (,  and Reverend Linda Martin (, Spiritual Healer, who share their explorations into the ego, it’s tansformative roles in your life and identity. Long studies and experiences with people of all ages have revealed to them both the wonders of an ego that is tuned to properly lead your world and your service into the world.  Oft maligned, the ego historically gets a bad rap.  But it is essential, our friend in survival.

Auithors of a trilogy of books on Ego Therapy and more, they can help you and I find routes to tuning and retuning our egos for greater manifestation in the world.

7 thoughts on “Paradigm Shifters brings you the Martins and Spiritual Tuning of Ones Ego

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