Paradigm Shifters Presents Stewart Pearce and the Voices of Angels


Paradigm Shifters are hard at work again. Meet Stewart Pearce, Voice Whisperer. Stewart surfs the shifting consciousness fields, guiding clients’ voices, through the wisdom of the Angels of Atlantis who awakened Stewart many years ago. How remarkable it is that? Our voices carry the wisdom you and I have distilled from our many experiences in our lives. Stewart’s tremendous talent, whether he is acting, being any nature of personality and soul journey, affects consciousness of one or many through the voice.

Then there is his Angelic Team, his advisors, for you. He also leads tours to Egypt bi-annually to help us activate our own soulular blueprint.

I am so eager to present Stewart Pearce, coach to famous movie stars in both England and LA. Don’t you love these creative wizards shaking our world?

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