Paradigm Shifters presents ME, Veronica Entwistle


Paradigm Shifters presents yours truly, Veronica Entwistle, author of My Near Life Erxperience: Or How Do I Know When I am Really Me? interviewed by Producer/Director Amber Englemann.

My Near Life Experience is a story about my life, being right beside who I really am all the time.   Over and over in my life, I faced off with limitations only to find behind their fragile walls, pieces of my real nature, glints of my own gifts.  As an intuitive it has been an ongoing, fulfiling journey of awakening to more and more of my self.  All of us have infinite possibility within.  A lifetime just won’t be long enough to enjoy the fruits of our soul’s labours.  But it is a fascinating journey – this life.  Focus outward onto the trails.  Focus inward onto our dreams and goals.

Paradigm Shifters presents ME, Veronica Entwistle

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