Paradigm Shifter Presents ALMINE


PARADIGM SHIFTERS is happy to present ALMINE, called by some, the greatest mystic on the planet. Almine has a full range of YouTubes as well as these interviews.

I have nocticed lately that with the rapid changes in energies from galactic downloads and revelations, it is hard to be clear on how to proceed in an enlightened way. This is why I am RE Presenting ALMINE.   Her illumination of the journeys of ascention and evolution are the essence of the SHIFT that we have all been waiting for. Between bouts of “oh dear what happened?”, “there has been a delay” and “holy moly some people are truly ascending” we work to balance life while on our path.

My own channeling speaks of flows of consciousness permeating our sub conscious, elevating and speeding up healing capacities and shifting concepts of “reality” and “security” that we may have held dear, but now they don’t have the same meaning. 

I listened to some of Almine’s  YouTubes and realized that she is inspiring with reality in so many different expressions. Her interview from a few years ago was amazing. So here it is for you 

This is an amazing time.

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