Paradigm Shifters: Helen Caldicott 12/31/13


Paradigm Shifter Dr. Helen Caldicott was shaken by rising tides of toxicity and radiation prompted by the book and movie “On the Beach”. Since then she has been a world class herald of the dangers of radiation, and the even greater dangers of our ignorance of this expanding global threat.  

What can we do about it? Helen says we can still change things. HOW? Listen to the interview and find out!

Paradigm Shifters: Helen Caldicott 12/31/13

One thought on “Paradigm Shifters: Helen Caldicott 12/31/13

  1. Many Mahalos for that dynamic interview with Dr. Helen Caldicott! There is so much Misinformation and Non-Information abounding regarding this Very Pertinent Issue of Our Times! I wish Everyone in the World could hear it!

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