Paradigm Shifter Daniel Holeman Brings Us the Gene Keys


Paradigm Shifter Daniel Holeman’s artistry is stunning… I am using his artistic renditions of my “structures”, the sacred geometric influence on our manifestation of our world, as my new book’s cover. Beyond that, Daniel is a student of the Gene Keys, a system of following the obstacles of your soul’s journey to self illumination. Let’s talk to him about personal transformation through the map, set out in the vibrational moment of your birth. A synthesis with secret knowledge, or esoteric knowledge, from the I Ching and onward..

Listen to Daniel explaining how Gene Keys work, and their rapport with our genetic code and what good does it do for you to have learned about your own destiny. You will learn about YOU, which is a great way to steer yourself through the inner and external influences in your life.  Unlock the wisdom and patterns there for you.

Paradigm Shifter Daniel Holeman Brings Us the Gene Keys

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