PARADIGM SHIFTERS Presents ASHTAR’s Perspective On Our Progress

paradigm_graphics_v_ashtar PARADIGM SHIFTERS:
This show is a Lulu!  We are talking to Ashtar of the Ashtar Command, through Terrie Symonds.

We discuss the ways of the world.  Ashtar and Terrie travel a lot to Japan these days and I talk with them about Fukishima and how the Japanese are coping.  Also we cover other world situations and how we are  meeting The Shift and/or Ascension possibilities.  How on earth does that work?

We talk about the food supply, the challenges of GMOs and various forms of toxicity.  What effect are they having on our children?  What does Ashtar think about Aliens or Extra Terrestrials?  Can they help us heal our planet?

Oh my.  It  is wonderful to speak with such expanded Beings.  Feel the love and the high frequencies they radiate!

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