Paradigm Shifters: Galexis 02/04/14


Paradigm Shifters with Beloved multi-dimensional BEINGS ~ Galexis through Ginger Metraux.

I have invited them on to talk about big issues like: ¬†rising above Fukishima, GMO’s, myriad chemical poisons and more. What can we do to heal the planet? ¬†What can we do to birth the New World?

JOIN ME and my Guides and Angels, Galexis with their powerful downloads of energy, and one another as we unify in consciousness and evolution.

Paradigm Shifters: Galexis 02/04/14

3 thoughts on “Paradigm Shifters: Galexis 02/04/14

  1. I Love Galexis! They are always a lot of fun and I always learn a lot.

    Thank you for having Galexis on and for these recordings.

    Many Blessings

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