Paradigm Shifters presents Charles Eisenstein on Sacred Economics


True Paradigm Shifting shifts each of us, expanding us out of limiting concepts into a vaster possibilities. What an honour it is to present to you, Charles Eisenstein, much sought after speaker, whose goals include a radical, sacred overhaul of our monetary system.  And we’ll talk with him about “Gifting Economies” .

Here are a few quotes from his articles:

  • That markets have never been “free” but were created by governments to facilitate their acquisition of various goods (especially for their armies). They have been intertwined ever since.
  • That all major world religions grew in response to money…..
  • That the origin of capitalism as we know it today is “the story of how an economy of credit was converted into an economy of interest.” Debt, he says, is the primary instrument of colonization whether internal or abroad � keeping in mind that behind the man with the ledger is a man with a gun. Moreover, the enforcement of debts is key to maintaining the political power relationships that prevail today.

Charles’ Books “Sacred Economics”  and “The More Beautiful World Our Hearts Know is Possible” can inspire us with perspective and antidotes for  anxiety and stress from our isolating social structures, and our alienation from the wisdom of nature and more.

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