Paradigm Shifters: Linda Schurman 10/01/13


Consciousness or bust!  Meet Linda Schurman, astrologer, political analyst, and futurist. She is the author of What Next and has recently written a new book Fast Forward: Surviving the Race to the Future. Holy Moly! Linda continues to fuel hair curling dangers butting up against time.

As a species we aren’t fooling around… maybe just fooling ourselves. Whether it’s global warming, GMOs, or dictatorship of the Pharma empires & drug addiction… Hey! They are depressing us!  How interesting! And let’s not forget about the issues surrounding oil, fracking, “tinder-izing” our landscapes, and the trance of the billionaire covens… we have a short time to get it together and stop the raping of the species and our mother, Earth.

Linda presents options that start with you and I as individuals and from their, our community.

Paradigm Shifters: Linda Schurman 10/01/13

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