Paradigm Shifters: The Farmers Market Doctor – Dr. Preston Maring


Paradigm Shifters presents Dr. Preston Maring who has inspired a change in the form of a Doctor, setting up a farmer’s market around Kaiser Permanente in Oakland CA in 2003.  Why?  His conviction that in the health professions, the kitchen must become as crucial as the clinic. Food is at the center of health and illness, he argues, and so doctors must make all aspects of it — growing, buying, cooking, eating — a mainstay of their medical educations, their personal lives and their practices.


Meet Dr. Maring talking with Veronica.  Like wildfire his farmer’s markets were the seeds of more farmer’s markets, organic foods inside and outside the hospital,  Even his son Ben, a chef, when he began to study medicine, taught nutrition, to fellow medical students.  And the wheel turns.  There is possibility out there.


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