Paradigm Shifters Hosts Galexis’ Perspective On Our World


Paradigm Shifters 
presents Galexis through Ginger Metraux.  Galexis is one of our favourite guests, channeling wisdom from layers and layers of consciousness with high frequency love – and this time, I am organized!

These are  some of the questions we are asking.  

1.  The world….will we soon experience the 2 worlds

2.  How is our species doing on the whole, shifting our collective fields and frequencies?   Are we making THE SHIFT?

3.  Effects of our toxic environment , media, banksters, greed

4.  The food supply, fertility problems, homosexuality, trans-gender…where is it all headed?

5.  Are we more able to step out of the edicts and myths of the subconscious or beyond karma these days?

6.  Shfting from the patriarchy to a balance of the masculine and feminine, as hte Divine Feminine rises.

7.  Imagine the musical strains in the background….”all you need is love”  dah dah dah dah dah……as Galexis assures us  that love will be the predominant force

2 thoughts on “Paradigm Shifters Hosts Galexis’ Perspective On Our World

  1. Galexis continues to lighten my life experience and is an invaluable resource to my spiritual journey. In Galexis’ love I feel empowered and capable of achieving my goals . As I seek to grow and change I feel my consciousness receiving an expansion boost, helping me to imagine a brighter, more loving reality.
    I find great comfort in Galexis’ perspective on what is happening now in our world. I believe that this perspective comes from an expanded vantage point beyond what I can yet imagine but for which I feel much gratitude.

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