PARADIGM SHIFTERS presents Scalar Waves and Tom Paladino


Paradigm Shifters Presents:  Tom Paladino  ( is a student of Tesla and several other explorers of Scalar Energy.  What a revolutionary concept he brings to the table, that in this time, when the meaning of energy and power is at the crux of so many of the problems in our societies, abundant energy permeates our world! Imagine if the energy you need is right at your disposal by calling it in. Learning to consciously harness or corral it.  It’s available from our hearts, from the sun and stars.  


Tom has constructed a machine that brings the scalar waves through, a machine to direct it inside of people and have it disrupt pathogens. He claims he can help people release the dangers of patterns that might be what is making them ill.  With the sources in our hearts, from the sun and stars,  we can learn to re align and empower our energy patterns to a truer, higher, healthy resonance.


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