Paradigm Shifters: Vladimir Turek 03/05/13

paradigm shifters vladimir turek veronica entwistle

This week on Paradigm Shifters we are learning to shift dimensionally with our special guest Vladimir Turek. He used to be an MD in Czechoslovakia until he opened himself up to the universes and accepted his multi-dimensional role. I am excited about this interview because we too are multi-dimensional beings. There are concurrent realities for us all. How do we use this knowledge consciously? Turek says that now is the time to awaken to answers. Enjoy Dr. Turek as we explore life and death, purpose and consciousness, and our facility to use them.

Lately Dr. Turek’s medicine is clearing the limitations that we have taken on through lifetimes, in this dimension and others. Receive the blueprint of your purpose and you can steer your multi-dimensional ship with greater ease.

Paradigm Shifters: Vladimir Turek 03/05/13

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