Paradigm Shifters: Sondra Sneed 11/26/13


What to do When you are Dead? Really? Good question. Do we have a choice?  Paradigm Shifter Sondra Sneed shifted from atheistic beliefs to being guided by Source, or by God, the Wave of Being. “You are designed to find the Mind of God and to give that mind to everything you do,”  she channels. Sounds like a task of expanding light. Ms. Sneed’s Source wisdom feels like a pulse moving through us, lifting us to receive a rising joyful beingness — one that embraces humanity’s changing potential and beyond as our Spirits travel.

I look forward to meeting Ms. Sneed to explore her book WHAT TO DO WHEN YOU’RE DEAD and hope you will join us.

Paradigm Shifters: Sondra Sneed 11/26/13

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