Paradigm Shifters brings you Spiritual Telepathy with Colleen Mauro


Paradigms are mind sets, ways of thinking and being. We know there is a huge Paradigm Shifts going on, perhaps a bit slowly for some of us. Colleen Mauro, formerly creator and publisher of Intuition, presents her book, Spiritual Telepathy, a tremendous source of what has been happening amongst our species for millennia and these days. Colleen’s book and her deep studies, take us through the stages of being human, leading up to conscious creation, one mind, even meditations to connect you to your soul’s light and to awaken you to your own evolutionary self. I am asking her to share at least one meditation with us during this interview. This book is amazing and I know you will find Colleen amazing as well.

Tune in and listen to my interview with Colleen…. maybe you already picked up on it through your own Spritual Telepathy.

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