Paradigm Shifting the World with Dick Larson


Paradigm Shiftiers presents Dick Larson, of an education arm of Ageless Wisdom. Ageless Wisdom teachings are ancient and speak of the wisdom of great Masters infusing humanity IF we let it in! Maitreya is apparently expressing more and more over television and radio over the next few years. He will be embodied in a simple human presence. Not a “the One” or, movie or a religious leader, but a rising light ready to catalyze humanity’s awakening to love for all life.

How to save a broken world? is his focus. Global influence of masters and of Space Beings. Interesting. Can it be true?  It is “Out There” Or “In here”?   If it is, we will “feel” it.

There are signs round the world already..  add crop circles bearing information, and magic, from Space Beings, who he says are a part of the complex universal systems in different ranges of frequency, are tending to our needs, clean up, or restraint of the damage of toxic materials.  Protecting other worlds in our solar system from our destructions.

Dick Larson, volunteer from, the Ageless Wisdom magazine of Benjamin Creme. Creme has been teaching wisdom for decades and you can find him on youtubes or the Share International Site. Dick Larson will share that human evolution is served by the often unseen Masters led by Maitreya. Their influence is escalating.

Paradigm Shifting the World with Dick Larson

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