Paradigm Shifting Tom Paladino Brings Us His Scalar, Healing and Universe Changing Energy


Paradigm Shifting with Tom Paladino will bring to life my favourite reminder,  “change your energy, change your reality” Tom has been radiating scalar waves to  break apart the nucleus of pathogens, rebuild nutritional and hormonal needs in the body/mind.  Tom is a delightful being with high intentions.  Always researching, always learning, he expands the reach of his healing with scalar waves.  

Tune in.  And sign up on his site to experience the effects of his focussing of scalar waves.  A loving soul…hey!  when we are loving, radiating love, Tom reminds us that that is scalar as well…. and contributes to the healing of the whole.  (our holographical reality?)   A fascinating man.  A fascinating giver.

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