PARADiGM SHIFTERS presents Chetan Parkyn with Human Design


Paradigm Shifting is moving quickly these days! Wow!  Changes in humans.  Changes in kids.  Changes in the way we talk to animals and they talk to us.   Remarkable as the fast moving fields of consciousness whip through our universes. Holding on to our true nature, our true core, can give us a way through chaos.

Our guest Chetan Parkyn  a comedy writer for Osho? – really?  and a diviner who met Human Design in 1987 which began a deepening course of defining the unique roles, with our links to ancestry and the styles of our reactions and interactions with one another.

Check out, and using your birth time and place, print out an amazing and beautiful map of YOU!, your life’s goals and the energies you’ll use to create them.. Chetan’s research into the realms of possibility illuminated in these charts  never ceases, and unfolding is his next book about 192 incarnations. Which soul themes do we carry along life to life?

PARADiGM SHIFTERS presents Chetan Parkyn with Human Design

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