Paradigm Shifters Brings You Linda Schurmann and Some Political Clarity


Paradigm Shifters presents: Paradigm Shifting isn’t always easy! Linda Schurmann (┬áis a popular guest who brings a deep political awareness that meets the stars. Linda can steer us through the murky mires of spin marketing to “see” more clearly what on earth is going on. Will Drumpf succeed as the disrupter for voters in spite of his crass lies and defamation of people. Some voters want to exchange unknown deception for the known! Hilary’s game is familiar as a long term politico. I am excited to bring Linda on the show as her clarity on the progress, both heaven and earth, of our civilization, is often heartening.

One thought on “Paradigm Shifters Brings You Linda Schurmann and Some Political Clarity

  1. Linda’s talk was a real wake-up call for me my friend oh mom has always seemed very far out with her theories but some of them were confirmed and others not anyway I made a list of things to do to catch up instead of just feeling depressed about everything thanks so much I checked out your website and thanks for calling Veronica . We’ll talk soon. I’m looking for your new show but I am not finding it on your website love anna

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