Paradigm Shifters Presents James Connor and “The Superyogi”


Paradigm Shifters takes a fun lively turn, from the teachings of ancient yoga sutras into today.  What would it be like to have transcendent powers, the kind that Yoga siddhis promise?   Well mediator and long time spiritual explorer James Connor pulls threads of these imagined possibilities into his drama “Superyogi Scenario“.  Superpowers for both good and evil are unleashed and the challenge is on.  Like in the Bhagavad Gita and so many other epic journeys, the battle is really within the key characters. This is a wonderful book. Let’s talk with James about where he gets his ideas, his three years of silent meditation, many years of spiritual study.

An inspiring talk for sure.

Paradigm Shifters Presents James Connor and “The Superyogi”

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