Paradigm Shifters: Rizwan Virk 11/19/13


Find the route to your own power whether for business or personal fulfillment.  Meet Rizwan Virk of ZEN ENTREPRENEURSHIP: Walking the Path of the Career Warrior  and let’s talk about real success.

Paradigm Shifters in business don’t always think of mediation as the route to entrepreneurial success. Rizwan Virk of Zen Entrepreneurship takes us through layers and levels of creating success, creating a dream business results through the portals of meditation. Discover your energy patterns. What do they create?  Choose to change them. This is an enticing and challenging story of your map to your true nature and onto your entrepreneurial goals. Rizwan Virk — vibrant impatient student meets great teacher and becomes a Career Warrior bringing the power of his dharma into his business world.

Paradigm Shifters: Rizwan Virk 11/19/13

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