Subject: Paradigm Shifting with Dr. Cass Ingram

paradigm_graphics_v_cassIngram PARADIGM SHIFTERS might startle you this week.  Dr. Cass Ingram, noted for bringing Oil of Oregano into its fame and glory as an all round healing force both internally and externally, challenges us to check out the source of our supplements.  Which supplements do you take?  Who makes them?  Are they GMO’d?  Are they the same quality and effect as they were and had 30 years ago?  How do we know?

Dr. Ingram is also a fount of knowledge about spices and their magic.   Tune in and learn about your world of health in the craziness of marketing first, health later.

 **  Dr. Ingram is controversial which leaves us all researching to prove or disprove his findings.  Bottom line, Natural means the woods, the untainted food source of the olden days.

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