Paradigm Shifting Awakenings with Aliyah Marr


PARADIGM SHIFTERS Aliyah Marr ( is a transcendent being who all her life has “known things”.  You might feel that way as well.  In her case it has led to stunning art, books that draw your attention to the shifting awakenings in humanity, a degree from the Ecole de Beax Arts in Paris, her entrance to a lifetime of exploring shamanism..  What does Aliyah say about our future? That there is abundant awakening on our planet that is activating a collective of beings with the use of choice to consciously create  reality from the inside out.  Aliyah’s books,, Unplugging the, divination cards are portals to activations through art, lines, multi dimensional symbols and so much more.  Shake us up Aliyah so we can all transform!


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