Paradigm Shifters: Hazel Courteney 01/07/14


We are Paradigm Shifting into Awakening.  The UK’s Hazel Courteney became awakened by being taken over by a walk in in the middle of a department store of all places. During this interview she takes us on a tour of scientific and evolutionary possibilities. As an alternative health journalist, Hazel’s experiences and time released understandings have opened her to a new way of being. She discusses her work with Dr. Garry Schwartz of the Tucson Afterlife labs, and Dr. Bill Tiller, the inspiring physicist researcher from The Bleep and The Secret links levels of consciousness for herself and for our species.

What does it mean to “go home”?  Is it just an evolutionary phase? Listen to my interview with Hazel Courteney as we discover the answers to these difficult questions and more.

Paradigm Shifters: Hazel Courteney 01/07/14

2 thoughts on “Paradigm Shifters: Hazel Courteney 01/07/14

  1. I listened to Hazel Courteney’s interview, found it fascinating, and agree 100% with what she is saying. I plan to read her book as soon as I can.

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