Paradigm Shifters brings Grief Relief with Russell Friedman


Paradigm Shifters: Grief is a reaction we share, from losses of many kinds – Death, Divorce, loss of dreams, your own health, Youth, your pets…so many more.

It can leave us debilitated until we heal the deep intricacies of our identities.  It can have a dire effect on our health. But John James and Russell Friedman Founded The Grief Recovery Institute in LA.

Their book, now a highly circulated, almost Bible of steps through this process, The Grief Recovery Handbook and their well tuned process through Grief is reknowned.

Russell Friedman joins us to inspire us with his own stories of loss and found, loss and re-creation, and guiding so many through theirs.

He will give you and I steps to take in this talk, that help us all!

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