Paradigm Shifters Presents Patricia Sun


Paradigm Shifter Patricia Sun has been an amazing groundbreaker, bringing the healing force of cretaceous beings and their songs to our consciousness.

I remember her influence in the ’60’s, shaking us all awake with the strains of her whale sounds.  Oh my. Her intuitive perspectives took each of us deep down into our true natures, even for a few minutes.

I listened to our interview from 2010 and was enriched again. I wanted to share it with you all. And I will pursue a fresh conversation with this wondrous woman over the next few months, and hear the realms of her evolution.

Paradigm Shifters Presents Patricia Sun

4 thoughts on “Paradigm Shifters Presents Patricia Sun

  1. Veronica that was an awesome show!! In listening to Patricia Sun, one feels that not only is she intelligent and speaking from experience, but is also coming from the heart and wants to truly help humanity. I resonated with all that she said, and realized a different perspective of communication with the “ping pong” reference. Of course, your interview skills are always amazing.

    Will definitely check out her website. Thank you again for the time and effort that goes into each of your informational and transformational shows!

    Have a beautiful, fun, expansive day!!

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