Paradigm Shifters brings you Brain Balancing with Lee Gerdes

Paradigm Shifters presents: REBALANCE YOUR BRAIN & REBALANCE YOUR LIFE!   Lee Gerdes shares successes with his brain rebalancing technology.  And now he has created a do it yourself headset

The reflections of imbalances can show up in our worlds as ADD, myriad Dis-eases, tensions that make life unmanageable and more. What happens when our brains are rebalanced?

Meet Lee.  A Techie wizard, theologian, counselor, inventor and who knows what else? He worked out his own brain trauma from a surprise attack by thugs wielding baseball bats. His journey is a gripping tale to healing and inventing. These products are inspiring.

Paradigm Shifters and Mayra McCullough Presents You as the Hub of Your Community


Paradigm Shifters: Meet our Paradigm Shifter, Mayra McCullough, of Coach2Edify (C2E), an unusal spa, a place where people unravel the mysteries of self empowerment inside out.  How did Mayra learn all these routes to becoming whole and powerful?  C2E is a vivid hub, where you can find transformation, no matter your age.

Body Integration, Energy Medicine, Nutrition Intelligence, Creative Expression, are all part of C2E’s model for well-being. With programs for youth, seniors and everyone in between, at Coach2Edify no one is left behind and all learn how to take care of the principle building block: OURSELVES! With her team she creates a co-creative community inspired by the cutting edge businesses in the new emerging Purpose Economy. 

Mayra and C2E embodies the rapid evolution of our times. The Spa is fun. Check out

Paradigm Shifting Natural Homes with Kelly Hart


Paradigm Shifter Kelly Hart ( creates elegant, innovative, smallish homes out of natural materials…they work with nature and are beautiful and efficient… with an amazing and courageous heart! 

Shifting Paradigms Presents the Multi-Realm Life of Lavandar


Paradigm Shifters this week is delightfully unique.  Meet Lavandar of

Lavandar is a hybrid, part human, part ET .  She was genetically aligned with the ET world  and our own to naviagate both worlds easily and be an interlocutor for both.  We need to get ready to mingle with the universal species. Lavandar says that there is a plan!

Several of us have been taking advantage of the Integratron, a dimensional shifting, activating capsule in the CA desert.  Talk about shifting your identity, this place known as a center of “high experimentation”.  Lavandar was involved with founder George Van Tassal right at its beginnings. Her recording  “Crack Between the Worlds” is a wild ride through activation and  some of the levels of consciousness and the goals of The Integratron.  

Beyond the Integratron, Lavandar has a vigorous rapport with Spiritual Sites on the planet and their purpose.  She has activated and guided movie stars on their evolution into multi-dimensionality. She enhances that with her crystal tours through Arkansas.  Let’s find out what is going on beyond this paradigm of ours that is truly shifting!

Paradigm Shifting by Mastering Alchemy the way of Jim Self


Paradigm Shifting is guidance for us all – ways to transform our limitations, release ourselves into the promised SHIFT.

Jim Self teaches wonderful steps into possiblity. Angels and Great Beings provide our opportunity.. But we must  intentionally use them.  He outlines steps to change cell densities into light.  

TUNE IN and step on your ascending path with Mastering Alchemy with Jim Self.

Paradigm Shifting Legislation and the Hemp Evolution with Chris Boucher


Paradigm Shifters this week is shifting paradigms for me!  Hopefully for you too!

Meet Chris Boucher of Canna West Corporation a true pioneer in product research on industrial hemp. He presents a quick tour of  Cannibis 101 and the vibrant frontiers of the federal legislation about hemp.  Up and coming is “The CARERS ACT”. In words, the Compassionate Access, Research Expansion, and Respect States Act. According to a Huffington Post article (, “the drug’s well-established safety profile and broad use in treatment should reassure lawmakers that it does not belong in the same category as cocaine and methamphetamine, but even placing cannabis in Schedule II could launch an exciting new era in American medical research.”   Chris recommends we influence our representatives to look clearly at this subject.  

Honestly I had no idea that hemp used to be the number one money making crop in the 16 and 17 hundreds.  Fascinating how crops can be curtailed to cultivate power bases, influence politics or the marketplace.

Subject: Paradigm Shifting with Dr. Cass Ingram

paradigm_graphics_v_cassIngram PARADIGM SHIFTERS might startle you this week.  Dr. Cass Ingram, noted for bringing Oil of Oregano into its fame and glory as an all round healing force both internally and externally, challenges us to check out the source of our supplements.  Which supplements do you take?  Who makes them?  Are they GMO’d?  Are they the same quality and effect as they were and had 30 years ago?  How do we know?

Dr. Ingram is also a fount of knowledge about spices and their magic.   Tune in and learn about your world of health in the craziness of marketing first, health later.

 **  Dr. Ingram is controversial which leaves us all researching to prove or disprove his findings.  Bottom line, Natural means the woods, the untainted food source of the olden days.

PARADIGM SHIFTERS Presents ASHTAR’s Perspective On Our Progress

paradigm_graphics_v_ashtar PARADIGM SHIFTERS:
This show is a Lulu!  We are talking to Ashtar of the Ashtar Command, through Terrie Symonds.

We discuss the ways of the world.  Ashtar and Terrie travel a lot to Japan these days and I talk with them about Fukishima and how the Japanese are coping.  Also we cover other world situations and how we are  meeting The Shift and/or Ascension possibilities.  How on earth does that work?

We talk about the food supply, the challenges of GMOs and various forms of toxicity.  What effect are they having on our children?  What does Ashtar think about Aliens or Extra Terrestrials?  Can they help us heal our planet?

Oh my.  It  is wonderful to speak with such expanded Beings.  Feel the love and the high frequencies they radiate!

Paradigm Shifters Hosts Galexis’ Perspective On Our World


Paradigm Shifters 
presents Galexis through Ginger Metraux.  Galexis is one of our favourite guests, channeling wisdom from layers and layers of consciousness with high frequency love – and this time, I am organized!

These are  some of the questions we are asking.  

1.  The world….will we soon experience the 2 worlds

2.  How is our species doing on the whole, shifting our collective fields and frequencies?   Are we making THE SHIFT?

3.  Effects of our toxic environment , media, banksters, greed

4.  The food supply, fertility problems, homosexuality, trans-gender…where is it all headed?

5.  Are we more able to step out of the edicts and myths of the subconscious or beyond karma these days?

6.  Shfting from the patriarchy to a balance of the masculine and feminine, as hte Divine Feminine rises.

7.  Imagine the musical strains in the background….”all you need is love”  dah dah dah dah dah……as Galexis assures us  that love will be the predominant force

Paradigm Shifters presesnts Aaravindha Hamadra


Paradigm Shifters Presents: presents an older interview, from 2008, one with Aaravindha, a very high being, who talks with me after the seminar I attended on Orcas Island.

Do you think of yourself as “enlightened”?  Aaravindha does. Gifted with soul sight “santosha”,  he explains so many of the soul postures, or identity performances you and I do to become more and more of who we are.  He has a different way of seeing the path of the human.  He also followed his intuitive beckoning to the site of his soul’s home, where beings live for a few thousand years…he’ll tell you about it.