Paradigm Shifters Presents Jim Ehmke Talking About Food


Paradigm Shifters Presents:
Jim Ehmke ( with vital information about Nutrition and your Health.  Health issues have always reflected our food supply, directly interacting with
how we feel, our energy, our peformance.  Jim has an amazing over view of the flows of change impacting our health as they change our food supply. I will ask him about the rising numbers of cancers, bone densities, brain changes and so much more. 


Paradigm Shifting Through Source Energy Medicine with Stephen Pollitt


Paradigm Shifters: Meet Stephen Pollitt (  Stephen has been our Paradigm Shifter twice before. He shares his journey through the labyrinths of linking energy to programs of limitation of all of us, through lineage, reaction, the collective. How can we use his techniques to move ourselves beyond our subconscious and to become more of the unlimited selves we know we are.  He uses labels that will charge your drinking water, but his latest downloads offer non physical charging. 


Paradigm Shifters: Dr. Michael Cotton Guides Us To Higher Brain Living


Paradigm Shifting presents Dr. Michael Cotton ( with inspiring techniques he devised, to help us all leap over the pulls of our survival or primitive brain.  How does it work?  You can see his youtubes or tune in as we listen to Dr Cotton’s journey unravelling the mysteries of people’s  limitations…like PTSD, various health difficulties, spiritual blocks and who knnows what else.  Human are potentially magical.  Meet Michael Cotton and hear how.

Paradigm Shifting Tom Paladino Brings Us His Scalar, Healing and Universe Changing Energy


Paradigm Shifting with Tom Paladino will bring to life my favourite reminder,  “change your energy, change your reality” Tom has been radiating scalar waves to  break apart the nucleus of pathogens, rebuild nutritional and hormonal needs in the body/mind.  Tom is a delightful being with high intentions.  Always researching, always learning, he expands the reach of his healing with scalar waves.  

Tune in.  And sign up on his site to experience the effects of his focussing of scalar waves.  A loving soul…hey!  when we are loving, radiating love, Tom reminds us that that is scalar as well…. and contributes to the healing of the whole.  (our holographical reality?)   A fascinating man.  A fascinating giver.

Paradigm Shifting Inside and Out with Jim Ehmke


Paradigm Shifters Presents:
Jim Ehmke, wizard of nutrition.  We’ll talk to him about the state of our food supply and our personal and unique metabolic systems.  What will it take for us to nurture ourselves.  Can we choose in a world of broken and toxic foods?  How?  Jim’s styles of testing and knowledge of nutrition emerged from his 50 years of healing experience, with thousands of people and with the simulteanous emergence of alternative health techniques.  Let’s learn about how to get healthy, how to be aware of what works for you that might not work for others.


Paradigm Shifting Through Bubbling Waves of Empowerment with Sid Zagri


Paradigm Shifters Presents:

 Sid Zagri of talks with us about crowd funding.  The paradigm we have been living in, where the one who grabs the most gets the most, has driven our economy on a massive scale.  But human nature is amazing.  Crowd funding is a growing attitude and technique for funding projects for almost anything.  From innovative gadgets, to films, to political goals, to humanitarian projects, all around the world.  It is a heartening approach seeming to be able to wrest control from some of the ethically afflicted flows of moneys around the world.

Let’s talk to Sid who is involved in some of these projects, including one for his son’s film.



Paradigm Shifter Ammagi – Channel of enlightened master MAFU


Paradigm Shifters Presents:

Meet Ammagi – Swami Paramananda Saraswati – herself a monk of the Hindu Siddha path who has channeled Mafu and is a delightful enlightened being who enbodies and presents unversal spiritual principles, in dynamic teachings.  Ammagi will speak of the Laws like those of Self Approval, Attraction,  Gratitude and the I AM as they run through our subconscious, means of changing our minds, and her animal sanctuary called The Oregon Tiger Sanctuary. Her organization The Foundation for Meditative Studies (  an inspired centre for evolutionary thought and creation plus spiritual development.  Ammagi is warm, loving, and funny as she shares some of the bumps and expansions of her journey and teachings. 



Paradigm Shifting for a New Future with Ti Caines


Paradigm Shifters Presents:  
The New Year is a new leaf, and our Paradigm Shifter this week is Ti Caines of  Ti, a long term student of consciousness, then inspired by Lazaris, takes you and I into future visioning.  We create our reality because of our future says Ti. You will empower your own future by listening to Ti advance your life as you look ahead.  Not back.  And build a future on what you dream of becoming, a great way to meet our New Year with creative light.

PARADIGM SHIFTERS presents Scalar Waves and Tom Paladino


Paradigm Shifters Presents:  Tom Paladino  ( is a student of Tesla and several other explorers of Scalar Energy.  What a revolutionary concept he brings to the table, that in this time, when the meaning of energy and power is at the crux of so many of the problems in our societies, abundant energy permeates our world! Imagine if the energy you need is right at your disposal by calling it in. Learning to consciously harness or corral it.  It’s available from our hearts, from the sun and stars.  


Tom has constructed a machine that brings the scalar waves through, a machine to direct it inside of people and have it disrupt pathogens. He claims he can help people release the dangers of patterns that might be what is making them ill.  With the sources in our hearts, from the sun and stars,  we can learn to re align and empower our energy patterns to a truer, higher, healthy resonance.


Paradigm Shifters Explores Dimensions with Galexis


Paradigm Shifters lift their minds and hearts beyond the 3D crises.   Galexis, a true Paradigm Shifter, is a beloved consortium of consciousnesses channeled by Ginger Metraux. (  Listen to this inspiring discussion for Galexis’  dimensional bridges, mapping steps for all of us into a world we can create for our lives, and in concert, in Oneness.   Each of us can dynamically create a world of brilliant magic, connection to our own divinity.  


Change the Energy. Change the Reality.


Paradigm Shifters: Galexis 06/11/13