Paradigm Shifters brings you Lord Ashtar and Terrie Symons


Paradigm Shifters welcomes you to a visit with Lord Ashtar. Through Terrie Symons, known as Lady Ashtar, with this loving being, Lord in the Universes, we will talk about the current state of affairs as it reflects these turbulent times. Are we getting anywhere? Is the earth dying? Can we change the poisoning of our atmosphere and mother earth, deal with water shortages and food poisoning? Lord Ashtar travels to Japan regularly to share with their strong spiritual community. Let’s find out what is happening there on the evolutionary landscape!

Paradigm Shifters brings you Spiritual Telepathy with Colleen Mauro


Paradigms are mind sets, ways of thinking and being. We know there is a huge Paradigm Shifts going on, perhaps a bit slowly for some of us. Colleen Mauro, formerly creator and publisher of Intuition, presents her book, Spiritual Telepathy, a tremendous source of what has been happening amongst our species for millennia and these days. Colleen’s book and her deep studies, take us through the stages of being human, leading up to conscious creation, one mind, even meditations to connect you to your soul’s light and to awaken you to your own evolutionary self. I am asking her to share at least one meditation with us during this interview. This book is amazing and I know you will find Colleen amazing as well.

Tune in and listen to my interview with Colleen…. maybe you already picked up on it through your own Spritual Telepathy.

Paradigm Shifters has Conscious Conversations with Joan Newcomb and Janet Barrett


Paradigm Shifters presents two contributors to light and consciousness on our planet! Joan Newcomb and Janet Barrett are our guests.

They have traversed realities as Matrix Energetics teachers, as conscious empaths and healers, and are feisty radio hosts. Thier conversations will bring you front and center with your own frontiers of possiblity.

Check out their sites,  Janet Barret, and Joan Newcomb of,

Paradigm Shifters brings you Veronica Entwistle and her Near Life Experiences


Paradigm Shifters presents:  ME.   It’s a familiy affair tonight with my amazing step daughter Jayne Entwistle,( award winning narrator for Random House and other publishers   Jayne is also an actor – character actor with a well stocked reel of her broad range of acting experiences.   What a privilege it is  to  have her  interview Me on my book,My Near Life Experience: Or How Do I Know When I Am Really Me?    Why the title? What makes us write a book about ourselves anyway?   Who are we really. The deeper purpose too….

I will look forward to your feedback!

Paradigm Shifters brings you the Martins and Spiritual Tuning of Ones Ego


Paradigm Shifters presents Dr. Nick Martin, Conscious Psychologist (,  and Reverend Linda Martin (, Spiritual Healer, who share their explorations into the ego, it’s tansformative roles in your life and identity. Long studies and experiences with people of all ages have revealed to them both the wonders of an ego that is tuned to properly lead your world and your service into the world.  Oft maligned, the ego historically gets a bad rap.  But it is essential, our friend in survival.

Auithors of a trilogy of books on Ego Therapy and more, they can help you and I find routes to tuning and retuning our egos for greater manifestation in the world.

Paradigm Shifters brings you Linda Schurman and her predictions


Linda Schurman is a wonderful guest, an astrological wizardess with skill at predictions in politics, and the flows of consciousness through the world.  Some of the news is hard.  Some is softening.  But always Linda knows solutions for you and I!


Paradigm Shifters and Brad Warner explore the deeper meanings of “Don’t Be A Jerk”


Paradigm Shifters presents Brad Warner whoes spiritual wisdom simplifies to this line Don’t be a Jerk!    When talking about the deeper value of a meditation practice or the ancient wisdom and consciousness of a great teacher like Dogen, Brad Warner,  Zen Master, Punk Rocker, author extraordinaire –  often irreverent – is both steady & reverent in his own 20 year practice of zazen!  He simplifies the wisdom of the 12th century Zen Master to Don’t be A Jerk!  Enjoy Brad as he teaches how incredible the relevance of Dogen’s ancient Buddhist teachings are in a society as fast moving and crazy as ours, 800 years later.  He can and he does.  The official book title is: Don’t Be A Jerk: And Other Practical Advice from Dogen, Japan’s Greatest Zen Master.

It includes feminism with its contradictions and vague purposes of celibacy.  And  Brad asks about so many rules… why?  Can people break them and still be high level practitioners?  Apparently so. This philosophy seems to juggle opposites, dualities, in practitioners as they deepen.

Paradigm Shifters and Brad Warner explore the deeper meanings of “Don’t Be A Jerk”

Paradigm Shifters presents Nadia McCaffrey and her groundbreaking support for recovering Veterans


Our Paradigm Shifter is Nadia McCaffrey GSM. Exceptionally creative, intuitive, always supportive. She lost her only son in Iraq.  Her style of grieving will shake you up.  She started projects… project after project to support Veterans and homeless Veterans that have gone national. One of her projects, “Farmer’s Veterans”, has its official office now amongst government offices in Washington DC. Nadia doesn’t ever stop.  She single handedly demanded that soldiers caskets be brought home through major airports instead being sneaked in through more discreet entries.  She has secured Vet housing, counseling and I could go on. But let’s let Nadia tell you instead……

Paradigm Shifters presents Nadia McCaffrey and her groundbreaking support for recovering Veterans

Paradigm Shifters Presents Darryl Bosshardt… Brush your teeth with Clay???

Paradigm Shifters: I love that Paradigm Shifters takes us through our whole selves.  As we explore the effects of preservatives, or the tragedies of our Pharma  marketing addictions and so much more,  awareness grows about fluoride and toothpaste and the odd destructive additives in tooth pastes and whiteners that we assume have to be good for us. Or they wouldn’t be there right?

Meet Darryl Bosshardt of Earth Paste.  He can answer many of your questions. Raised by an au natural dad with clay and salt toothpaste and no cavities. He wanted to know more.  Further research told him why and how the remineralizing of our teeth is possible plus cleaning is improved with…yes…dirt!   As a dad he set to work creating a kind of toothpaste that would serve us all.  We will talk to him about the pros and cons of clay toothpaste. Can we just dig in our yards?  He’s wiser and more careful than that!

Paradigm Shifters Presents Darryl Bosshardt… Brush your teeth with Clay???

Paradigm Shiftiers brings you life from both sides now with Mas Sajady


Paradigm Shifters presents quite the wizard this week.  Mas Sajady, a technologial engineer had two near death experiences.  After the dark night of the soul, while apparently the inner self recalibrates, he is able to work outside of his body, into the universal realms, to realize how you fit into life – your life and the whole scene.  His work is mesmerizing. Let’s talk to him about our “distortions”, the reactions we have developed through the tours of our existance, perhaps from family lineage, or world influences, your soul’s experiences gathering more and more infomration, but always, under it all is your true nature.

Let’s talk to Mas about that and how we can claim our selves.  It’s called healing and it has so many dimensions. His work is a true gift!.

Paradigm Shiftiers brings you life from both sides now with Mas Sajady