Paradigm Shifters presenting Linda Schurman on Astrology and Politics


Paradigm Shifters presents Linda Schurman. Her newsletter,, brings us into the fray with our new administration, astrological influences, and her deep political studies. Linda is a favourite guest, often pointing out challenges in our dreams of a peaceful world in the jaws of power mongers. Are we OK? Are we moving forward? Can we live in peace together? What are some of the steps we can take in the narrowing paths of our climate change, refugees, greed, control… “CitizensUnited” could change in meaning. Oh my so many frontiers. Best of all, how can we empower ourselves, one another and the roles of humanity, rapidly and from the heart?

Paradigm Shifters Brings You Linda Schurmann and Some Political Clarity


Paradigm Shifters presents: Paradigm Shifting isn’t always easy! Linda Schurmann ( is a popular guest who brings a deep political awareness that meets the stars. Linda can steer us through the murky mires of spin marketing to “see” more clearly what on earth is going on. Will Drumpf succeed as the disrupter for voters in spite of his crass lies and defamation of people. Some voters want to exchange unknown deception for the known! Hilary’s game is familiar as a long term politico. I am excited to bring Linda on the show as her clarity on the progress, both heaven and earth, of our civilization, is often heartening.

Paradigm Shifters brings you Linda Schurman and her predictions


Linda Schurman is a wonderful guest, an astrological wizardess with skill at predictions in politics, and the flows of consciousness through the world.  Some of the news is hard.  Some is softening.  But always Linda knows solutions for you and I!


Paradigm Shifters presents one of our favourite guests! Linda Schurman


Paradigm Shifting is dramatic this week!

Linda Schurman is an astrologer whose comprehension of the political stews, the economic tribulations, corruptions leaking through all our social structures is amazing. Then, add the movement of planets and the intentions of humanity as our beautiful earth struggles to rebalance herself amidst the environmental and emotional damage. What is going to happen? We’ll ask Linda, our soothesayer! Be prepared for a wild ride or shake up. Changes are fast and turbulence reigns!

Send or text questions for Linda 520 360-2102 or hit the Ask Veronica button on my site! What an opportunity

Paradigm Shifters presents one of our favourite guests! Linda Schurman

Consciousness or bust!


Consciousness or bust! Meet Linda Schurman, astrologer, political analyst and futurist. Her books are What Next and now Fast Forward: Surviving the Race to the Future. Holy Moly! With its great bibliography, her accuracy of predictions in What Next or and in her newsletter Soothesayer, fuels hair curling dangers butting up against time. As a species we aren’t fooling around… maybe fooling ourselves. Whether it is global warming, GMOs, dictatorship of the Pharma empires & drug addiction… hey they are depressing us! Interesting! Or oil, fracking, “tinder-izing” our landscapes, and the trance of the billionaire covens… we have a short time to get it together and stop the raping of the species and our mother, Earth.

Linda presents options that start with you and I as individuals, and from there, our community.

Linda’s message reminds me of Lynn McTaggart’s The Bond in which she outlines group activities to help us step out of our own individualistic trances to empower ourselves.

Makes me think of how isolated I can be, deepening within, helping people through the sessions I truly love, but avoiding the consciousness slamming  by marketed thought in the media. It’s all about waking up and shaking ourselves off. You can’t isolate. The problem touches us all, our seniors and our children, our animals and vegetation. We can all participate turning our homes and neighborhoods into supportive communities. Growing foods. Objecting to the poisoning of our life supports like water, soil, meat, seeds, and atmosphere.

Frankly, I am a disastrous gardener. My neighbor Marilyn is amazing. Thank Heaven for people who lovingly nurture plants that in turn nurture us. So we choose the subjects we are best at. I’ll work with people. With dharma. With healing. Putting the healing back in our hands at least to a degree. Learning and sharing more about options for empowerment by universal nontoxic energy, supplements, herbs… and more. Support, support and more support of one another to grow and learn. Have you checked out the Kahn Academy recently? What a great example. Education for the masses that inspires and yet it is not too expensive to bring to our kids.  And it attracts them. Or the TED talks by Jane McGonigal and eg. of how video games can be created to improve our  brain and health potential.

On it goes. The wonders of what is available for all of us. And as Linda talks about the planets jiggling this and that in the fields, I am pleased at the references to Uranus which is a planet of instant explosive change, sometimes influencing dynamic creative bursts… let’s count on it.

And let’s love each other. Love is such a powerful healing energy and stunning tool for transformation.

Love to you all

Paradigm Shifters: Linda Schurman 10/01/13


Consciousness or bust!  Meet Linda Schurman, astrologer, political analyst, and futurist. She is the author of What Next and has recently written a new book Fast Forward: Surviving the Race to the Future. Holy Moly! Linda continues to fuel hair curling dangers butting up against time.

As a species we aren’t fooling around… maybe just fooling ourselves. Whether it’s global warming, GMOs, or dictatorship of the Pharma empires & drug addiction… Hey! They are depressing us!  How interesting! And let’s not forget about the issues surrounding oil, fracking, “tinder-izing” our landscapes, and the trance of the billionaire covens… we have a short time to get it together and stop the raping of the species and our mother, Earth.

Linda presents options that start with you and I as individuals and from their, our community.

Paradigm Shifters: Linda Schurman 10/01/13

Linda Schurman and Patricia Keel on Paradigm Shifters

Who or what has the greatest impact on our reality? We are learning that we create it with our beliefs and inner structures, right? Well my next Paradigm Shifter is Soothesayer Linda Schurman, purveyor of political wit and wisdom, student of politics and government and astrology. Linda’s first appearances on Paradigm Shifters panicked listeners as she saw our society sliding downhill on a slagheap of injustices and corruptions that repeated the wails of history. “Banksters” and swindles in the hundreds of trillions crippled and then disassembled financial structures round the world. Oh boy, it happened!

Mayan whispers of shifts and changes have blown through the cells and minds of our society. Like Y2K, Hollywoodized trauma is a riveting experience for any and all zombie minded fear mongers. I find it much more credible that there are flows of consciousness coming vibrationally through our universe. According to the Mayan calendars, there are great cycles of evolution influencing vibrations every 26,000 years. Linda talks about how 5,600 year cycles come together in the 2020’s and joins her predictions based upon the astrological and political influences. So far she is very effective. Check out her book What’s Next? A 21st Century Guides to Survival.

Then comes the OM Blessings giver, teacher, healer and more, Patricia Keel. The deeksha has been instrumental in awakening the brains, the perceptions, and the abilities of people all around the world. Emanating from Chenay India with Amma Bhagavan, deeksah is the art of passing higher frequency energies through the top of people’s skulls. As a deeksha giver and receiver, I am amazed at the rate at which it has changed my consciousness, either in the meditative hands on experiences in our weekly gatherings, or from the online OM Blessings that are vibrating through the computer.

Today during my session with Patricia Keel that will run on Nov 6th election night, we did an OM Blessing deeksha directed to all those who are called into political service. I muse that maybe, just maybe, no matter who runs the country, evolution can move through them absolutely changing their perspectives and goals. The values and orientations of all the would be congress members and the PAC folks behind them will be changed forever

We’ll see. Again, Linda will be on Paradigm Shifters on Tuesday October 30th, Patricia Keel will be on Tuesday November 6th, aka election night.

Paradigm Shifters – 8pm on
10/30/12 – featuring Linda Schurman
11/6/12 – featuring Patricia Keel

Let’s all vote ethereally, send to the etheric skulls, the blessings for the higher consciousness, a win-win reality for everyone and mother earth.