Consciousness or bust!


Consciousness or bust! Meet Linda Schurman, astrologer, political analyst and futurist. Her books are What Next and now Fast Forward: Surviving the Race to the Future. Holy Moly! With its great bibliography, her accuracy of predictions in What Next or and in her newsletter Soothesayer, fuels hair curling dangers butting up against time. As a species we aren’t fooling around… maybe fooling ourselves. Whether it is global warming, GMOs, dictatorship of the Pharma empires & drug addiction… hey they are depressing us! Interesting! Or oil, fracking, “tinder-izing” our landscapes, and the trance of the billionaire covens… we have a short time to get it together and stop the raping of the species and our mother, Earth.

Linda presents options that start with you and I as individuals, and from there, our community.

Linda’s message reminds me of Lynn McTaggart’s The Bond in which she outlines group activities to help us step out of our own individualistic trances to empower ourselves.

Makes me think of how isolated I can be, deepening within, helping people through the sessions I truly love, but avoiding the consciousness slamming  by marketed thought in the media. It’s all about waking up and shaking ourselves off. You can’t isolate. The problem touches us all, our seniors and our children, our animals and vegetation. We can all participate turning our homes and neighborhoods into supportive communities. Growing foods. Objecting to the poisoning of our life supports like water, soil, meat, seeds, and atmosphere.

Frankly, I am a disastrous gardener. My neighbor Marilyn is amazing. Thank Heaven for people who lovingly nurture plants that in turn nurture us. So we choose the subjects we are best at. I’ll work with people. With dharma. With healing. Putting the healing back in our hands at least to a degree. Learning and sharing more about options for empowerment by universal nontoxic energy, supplements, herbs… and more. Support, support and more support of one another to grow and learn. Have you checked out the Kahn Academy recently? What a great example. Education for the masses that inspires and yet it is not too expensive to bring to our kids.  And it attracts them. Or the TED talks by Jane McGonigal and eg. of how video games can be created to improve our  brain and health potential.

On it goes. The wonders of what is available for all of us. And as Linda talks about the planets jiggling this and that in the fields, I am pleased at the references to Uranus which is a planet of instant explosive change, sometimes influencing dynamic creative bursts… let’s count on it.

And let’s love each other. Love is such a powerful healing energy and stunning tool for transformation.

Love to you all