Paradigm Shifters brings you Lord Ashtar and Terrie Symons


Paradigm Shifters welcomes you to a visit with Lord Ashtar. Through Terrie Symons, known as Lady Ashtar, with this loving being, Lord in the Universes, we will talk about the current state of affairs as it reflects these turbulent times. Are we getting anywhere? Is the earth dying? Can we change the poisoning of our atmosphere and mother earth, deal with water shortages and food poisoning? Lord Ashtar travels to Japan regularly to share with their strong spiritual community. Let’s find out what is happening there on the evolutionary landscape!

Paradigm Shifters: Ashtar 08/20/13


PARADIGM SHIFTER Ashtar is a beloved repeat guest of Paradigm Shifters, he joins me again this week! Channeled through Terrie Symons “Lady Ashtar”, Ashtar boosts our perceptions of life in this teaming collective of humanity. Hear from Ashtar from his multi-dimensional vantage point, are we humans actually “awakening” en masse? We’ll talk to him about fracking our mother earth, Snowden, the NSA, and what security really means. Find out how Ashtar perceives the conspiracy theories and more. Tune in.

Paradigm Shifters: Ashtar 08/20/13